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1888PressRelease - Whether it's Private Well or City Water we provide the ultimate peace of mind with our water testing experts and quality lab analysis.
Order it today along with your Home Inspection in just a few simple steps on our website. Start with the Symptom Checker and let's target the inspection and water test that's right for you.

Where do you get your drinking water? If you're in the process of buying a home ask your realtor, they should know. And if you don't have a realtor then check public record and it will either say Private Well or Municipal. In both cases we recommend testing the water you put in your body for contaminants. Contamination can come from the source or it's coming from the water supply lines in your home.

In the case of Private Well Drinking Water we often find that contamination may be coming from the aquifer itself and or some kind of deficiency within the well casing as a result of corrosion. PCI Environmental not only offers Water Quality Testing but we can also deploy one of our inspectors to your home to actually insert a camera into the well casing to inspect for any deficiencies that could be the cause of contamination. Not only will a Well Casing Camera Inspection discover any catastrophic issues with your drilled well casing it will also enable us to inspect the water levels of your well but also it's depth. On our website you can use the symptom checker to find out if you need to test for smell and taste, color of the water, corrosion found on fixtures throughout the home, bacteria and pathogens and even radiological hazards such as radon and uranium. It's important to know what you're cooking with, washing with and putting in your body because the dangers are REAL.

With Municipal water the same applies. For instance, many homes in Detroit and the Greater Detroit Area were built during a time when lead was being used not only as the water supply line from the water main to the subject property but also used throughout the home. As building materials evolved builders and plumbers started using "Galvanized Pipe" that was coated with Zinc. These pipes were used as an alternative to lead piping. Unfortunately the lead supply lines in the ground from the water main to the house were never removed and so as a result over the years with all of the corrosion that happens with galvanized plumbing that's as old as the house particles of lead and heightened levels of iron and iron bacteria are trapped in these lines. This in itself presents an immediate hazard and a water quality test and water supply line inspection from PCI Environmental is designed to get you the information you need to make informed decisions about the health and welfare of your family.

Pre Closing Inspection and Environmental also provides full home inspections. Bundle pricing is available and we look forward to working for you to keep your family safe. Contact us today at 313.920.3276

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