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The world of cryptocurrencies is vast. It does not stop at Bitcoin or Blockchain. You will need to train a minimum and use common sense to hope to grow your investments.
Inter Exchange Transfer

Did you follow our first 3 tips? Cool! You will now be able to purchase your first cryptocurrency! For this, we advise you to use cryptocurrency platforms.

This platform allows you to buy very popular cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH. To buy other popular crypto-currencies that are less popular but with a large growth potential, you will need to transfer your Ethereum and Bitcoin to the so-called exchange.

Exchanges are platforms where you can exchange your Bitcoins against crypto-currencies which we call Weldcoin.

Y. Day (do your own research)

Investing in the first 10 crypto-currencies is never a big mistake. Investing in some of these cryptocurrencies is also a guarantee of security.

What interests us is how to invest in cryptocurrency with less capital. Altcoins, there are about two thousand. Some projects have a lot of potential for growth, while some are either scams or projects are invisible. That’s why it’s important to be aware of it before investing in one of them.

Our fifth tip is a very popular story in the crypto world: DYOR! It comes from the English word "do your own research" and it means you have to do your own research before investing in a project. Never invest in advice from people you don't know (for example, by reading messages on forums).

Here are some different mediums you can use to get an in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency you are interested in:

1. Reading the white paper
2. Specific discussion forum
3. Using Twitter
J. Joey Telegram, Disorder or Skype
5. Google Search - Online Reviews, Reddit, Stemate etc. Search.

Good information is required so that you can form your own opinion about a cryptocurrency. Feel free to take your time before investing in a project. It is better to miss a good opportunity from time to time than to go into such projects which will save you money.

6. Look at scams

Our 6th tip deals with all the scams that exist in the cryptocurrency world. They should be especially aware of this and avoid them as much as possible.

This is an article we wrote about crypto-currency scams: Bitcoin and scams - find out!

We advise you to read this little booklet on scams in detail so as not to fall into these traps.

7. Find faithful people you can follow

Our 7th tip is about finding trustworthy people who can help you with your investment.

Some people don’t need to spend hours analyzing a project or don’t have the time to do it. Then there is the option to follow experienced people who can advise you. However, these people should be chosen carefully. The atmosphere is full of scammers or people who just want to change courses for their own benefit.

Here are some pointers to find out if a person is potentially trustworthy:

Ious seriousness and rigor
The humility of the person
Explanation of all risks

If it is a paid subscription, it must be renewable. This will ensure that the person has to give interesting and serious advice so that the user can renew his subscription.

In contrast, here are some clues trying to show that individuals or groups are crooked:

1. Promise to win easily without effort.
2. Immaturity.
3. Pump group.
A. Fame
5. Single payment subscription to become a single member.

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