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Top Sale for 2020 Summer:Up to 9% off rs3 gold on for All Fans
At first glance this quest looks very easy and simple to do, but you will be surprised. Alright let’s talk about the OSRS Cold war quest, the quest is part of the Penguin quest series. At the Ardougne Zoo, one of the zookeepers thinks that the penguins are planning something.

He doesn’t know what they’re planning to do, so he asks you to help him observe their habits on the iceberg in the Lunar Sea. What begins as a peaceful bird-watching expedition opens a new world of espionage.
Skill Requirements for the OSRS Cold War Quest

You will need access to a crafting table 3 and:

10 Hunter
30 Agility
30 Crafting
34 Construction
15 Thieving

Items For OSRS Cold War Quest

The items that you need are:

10 oak planks
10 steel nails
Hammer, spade, plank
clockwork or a steel bar
Swamp tar
Silk, raw cod or the ring of charos (a)
5 feathers (only regular chicken feathers work)
Mahogany plank

Some recommended items are: Weight reducing clothes, 1 Stamina potion, notepad, Weapon and armor, some food if you need it, Ardougne cloak 1, Rune teleports to Lumbridge.

Penguin Espionage

As always to start the OSRS Cold War quest you need to talk with Larry at the south entrance of the Ardougne Zoo. Larry wants to build a lookout to observe the penguins, so he asks you to collect him 10 oak planks, 10 steel nails, a hammer, and a spade.

But if you already have all the items you can skip this part and just talk to him again and tell him that you have the materials to build the lookout. After that, he will teleport you to the Iceberg, east of where you’re standing you will see a firm snow patch. Use your plank on it to build a shed, then use your spade to cover the shed with snow.

Once that is done talk to Larry and a cutscene will begin. Keep note of the emotes the penguin does, as the emote greeting code is unique for every player and will need to be used, in order, for several later parts of the quest. Use your notepad to write down the emotes that you have.

If you need to see them again, click “Use Snowy bird hide” to watch the cutscene again. Speak to Larry and suggest to him that the behavior of the penguins in the cutscene was suspicious.

Next, go a bit west and use the boat to get back to Rellekka, because Larry is very scared that the penguins will overhear the conversation. Speak to Larry again and he will ask you to design a clockwork suit, which will be used to spy on the penguins. He gives a book filled with instructions.

Now, head off and find a “sheep” with a talk option, talk to the “sheep” and make the secret greeting as you did with the penguins at the zoo. The penguins in the sheep disguise will tell you to go away, demanding a secret phrase in addition to the secret greeting.

Speak to Larry, and he will help you both return to the Ardougne Zoo. After that, equip your ring of charos (a) or raw cod, re-tuxedo, and enter the penguin’s cage. Talk to the penguin and he will tell you that the secret phrase is do not trust the walrus.

Exit the cage through the fence door made of ice, and then exit through a chasm east of the Icelord cage. Talk to Larry to finish the rs3 gold War quest.
Rewards For the OSRS Cold War Quest

1 Quest point
2,000 Crafting experience
5,000 Agility experience
1,500 Construction experience
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