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Wireless Remote Control Skateboard News

Why Can Fosjoas K1 Electric Skateboard Run So Smoothly and Stably?

Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard is able to run smoothly and stably even on some bumpy roads. How could it do that? It is because Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard adopts advanced techniques.
by jeregarn25 On Aug 6, 2016

Airwheel M3 Personal Transportation Electric Skateboard, A New Symbol of Street Culture

Skateboarding started as a movement, but it now becomes the coolest sport on earth. Since the end of 1950s and the early 1960s, surfing has developed into skateboarding.
by kirklandh20 On Jul 25, 2016

A Distraction from PC Games—Airwheel M3 Mini Mobility Electric Skateboard

A lot of teenagers choose to play games anesthetizing themselves since they can’t get care and love from their parents. In the meanwhile, Airwheel M3 appears to serve as a distraction.
by kaitlinh91 On Jul 25, 2016

Airwheel M3 motorized PRO Electric Skateboards Complete Blends Technology and Fashion

As the only electric skateboard in Airwheel, M3 is a blend of technology and fashion. This is a consensus in the market. Although the difference in exterior look between the traditional skateboard.
by keyrobert22 On Jun 23, 2016

An ideal exercising tool—Airwheel M3 PRO Electric Skateboards Complete

It is important to remember, though, that you should always alternate between different types of exercise to ensure that your whole body gets the attention it needs.
by krystalr91 On Jun 22, 2016

Airwheel M3 is a Fast Good Quality Electric Skateboards

Humans rely heavily on the speed of transports, which reflects the needs of developing economy and the pursuit of efficiency and speed.
by rodneykol9 On Jun 22, 2016

About the Specialities of FOSJOAS K1 Electric Skateboard

Las year, Moben Global Inc. had rolled out a type of skateboard—K1 wireless remote control skateboard. Even though FOSJOAS K1 looks like the traditional skateboard
by angelagy23 On Jun 17, 2016

About Aries's Personal Experience of Riding FOSJOASK1 Electric Skateboard

K1 has concentrated on a more beautiful and stronger design to show your love of skateboard. Now, you can enjoy surfing on land freely, anywhere and anytime.
by Melissaanderson On Jun 17, 2016

The Global Market of Airwheel M3 Pro Motorized Skateboard Complete

Airwheel pushed its electric skateboard M3 that came as an eye-opener, even though it shares same exterior look with the traditional skateboard.
by kaitlinh91 On Jun 17, 2016

About The Cutting-Edged Technology Of Fosjoas Self-Balancing Electric Scooters

Through 3 years of arduous effort, Fosjoas is rightly the exemplar of technology. Thanks to a detailed global market research, Fosjoas products have avoided the defects of similar products and taken a leading position on certain fields.
by angelagy23 On Jun 9, 2016

Fosjoas K1 Electric Skateboard Ignites The Passion In Life

Life is limited and people should try their best to enjoy it. However, too many people are troubled by fast life tempo, busy work and heavy pressure. Even in their leisure time, they prefer to stay at home and do nothing.
by jeregarn25 On Jun 9, 2016

Ogden Cherishes His FOSJOAS K1 Electric Skateboard.

On the street, skater boys with T-shirts and a pair of skater shoes can be seen everywhere. Many people have their own vision for the skateboard, but not all people are able to skate well.
by kaitlinh91 On Jun 8, 2016

Some Models Of Airwheel Intelligent Personal Transportation Air Boards Are Designed On Tradition.

On the second new product conference in 2015, Airwheel released four models—S6, annular electric scooter F3, the electric skateboard M3 and Z3. Earlier in 2016, Airwheel released five brand new products, including Z5, S8 and C5 etc.
by kaitlinh91 On Jun 7, 2016

Airwheel M3, a Different Eco-Friendly Electric Hoverboard

The key to success of Airwheel is to provide a freer lifestyle, to make Airwheel products become the intelligent companion in daily life and to seek the joy of life with full passion so that people can realize their personal values.
by rodneykol9 On May 25, 2016

To List The Usage of Fosjoas Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Fosjoas electric self-balancing scooters are currently applied to various sections including personal transport tool, work inspection, exhibition and police patrol, recreations and car-mounted alternative transport.
by krystalr91 On May 18, 2016

To Discuss The American Market of Airwheel Intelligent Electric Pro Hoverboard

Airwheel, via years’ effort has become the fastest-growing scooter-maker, whose business has penetrated into Asia, Europe and South America. For the self-balancing electric scooter fans and lovers, the Airwheel electric scooter is widely known.
by keitbowe23 On May 16, 2016

Intelligent Electric Skateboards Manufacturer Airwheel Stay Innovative.

The greatest charm of technology to change lifestyle is that it can make us freer and happier, especially the means of transportation adopting clean energy, which is simpler and more environmentally friendly.
by keyrobert22 On May 16, 2016

A Veteran Talked Intelligent Self Balancing Scooter Brand Airwheel.

The high quality, trust worthy performance and stylish design of Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter help it gain increasing popularity and enjoy a large consumer base.
by keyrobert22 On May 2, 2016

The design of Airwheel 4-wheels electric skateboards M3 shows bold spirit.

The design of Airwheel electric skateboard M3 shows bold spirit. Airwheel M3 boasts its unique characteristics, as it is a kind of DIY skateboard.
by LMease1990 On Apr 30, 2016

Airwheel intelligent Complete Electric Skateboard M3 brings you unexpected gliding experience.

As is known to all that Airwheel specializes in self-balancing electric scooter, however, many of them do not know that there is an electric skateboard in Airwheel.
by kaitlinh91 On Apr 29, 2016
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