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Mini Self-Balancing Scooter News

You Will Enjoy Yourself When Riding Fosjoas U1 Mini Electric Scooter

Fosjoas U1 mini electric scooter inherits the basic intelligent systems of Fosjoas, but has made great innovations and technological breakthroughs on the basis of that, such as the mini figure.
by kaitlinh91 On Sep 17, 2016

Fosjoas U1 Mini Electric Scooter Is both a Plaything and a Transport

Fosjoas U1 mini electric scooter is a unique scooter type. It has small but exquisite figure and it offers double riding modes. Currently, its consumer base is enlarging with each passing day.
by bryantknox9 On Sep 16, 2016

Birthday Gift for My Little Nephew: Fosjoas U1 Mini Electric Scooter

Meanwhile, the simple and safe riding makes parent rest assured when their kids are riding Fosjoas mini electric scooter. What is more, riding Fosjoas U1 mini electric scooter is good to kids’ growth.
by bryantknox9 On Sep 8, 2016

Fosjoas U1 Mini Electric Scooter Makes The World Small

Fosjoas U1 owns very small lfigure and it is why it is named mini electric scooter. Although it is very small, it offers convenient and smooth riding experience.
by keitbowe23 On Sep 8, 2016

Why Can Fosjoas Intelligent Self-Balancing Electric Scooters Reduce Traffic Accidents?

Nowadays, intelligent self-balancing electric scooter has become the mainstream in transport market. Fosjoas electric scooters are much more popular than others.
by jeregarn25 On Aug 6, 2016

All the Unpractical Intelligent Mini Scooters Are Luxuries, Airwheel S6 Mini Electric Scooter Says

Not only born for fans! Airwheel insists that intelligent self-balancing scooters which can’t go deep into the masses are luxuries. Airwheel S6 electric motor is born for stepping into the horizon of the masses.
by kirklandh20 On Jul 13, 2016

Airwheel S6 Fully Shows Its Adorable Aspect in the Era of Science and Technology

Intelligent self-balancing scooter becomes more and more comfortable and has more functions. Airwheel S6 proofs it posture with its strength.
by kaitlinh91 On Jul 13, 2016

The Increasing Popularity Of Airwheel Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooters

As one of the world leading smart transportation device manufacturers, Airwheel has completed the integration of portable transportation industrial chain, and the globalization of Airwheel brand name.
by bryantknox9 On Jun 1, 2016

Airwheel S6 Walkcar Is In Possible Of Both The Steadiness Of Two Wheels & Single Wheel

It has been ten years since the first electric self-balancing scooter was born. With the growing popularity, all kinds of electric self-balancing scooters emerged into the market.
by kirklandh20 On May 25, 2016

Fosjoas Welcomes U1 Mini Saddle-Equipped Electric Scooter

Fosjoas U1 sitting posture self-balancing scooter was rolled out last year, which is touted as the epoch-making and revolutionary one.
by bryantknox9 On May 18, 2016

Tiny Commuting Tool in Hypermarket for Tally Clerks- Airwheel S6 Mini Mobility Scooter with Seat

The tiny and delicate Airwheel S6 mini self-balancing scooter can play an important role in various life situations, and it has become a new and effective in-house commuting tool for tally clerks in hypermarket due to its flexibility.
by LMease1990 On May 2, 2016

For The Coming Mother's Day, Prepare an Airwheel Intelligent Electric Walk Car

Mother's Day began in the United States in the early 20th century and is a modern celebration honouring one's mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.
by keitbowe23 On May 1, 2016

Fosjoas U1 Mini Electric Scooter, an Environmental-Friendly Elf on Planet

Fosjoas U1 mini electric scooter offers people rich riding modes and wide applicationoccasions. However, it owns very smallfigure. Many people name it a little elf on road.
by jeregarn25 On Apr 26, 2016

The mini saddle-equipped electric scooters S6 and A3 make an impression.

Airwheel sitting posture self-balancing scooters A3 and S6 made their international debut on June, 18 and Sep, 29, 2015 respectively. The first time show makes them come under limelight of the public.
by LMease1990 On Apr 12, 2016

Ride Airwheel S6 electric scooter with seat, Make a Trip to Paris

Paris is the romantic capital of the world. Every single detail of this city shows romantic atmosphere, which attracts thousands of people from all over the world travel there, hoping to encounter some unforgettable things and peoples.
by jeregarn25 On Mar 27, 2016

Excellent Airwheel S6 Mini Sitting-posture 2 wheel electric scooter Becomes the Partner of My Grandfather

In the meantime, based on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, riding Airwheel S6 mini self-balancing scooter is very easy.
by LMease1990 On Mar 17, 2016

Airwheel S6 equipped scooter will arouse visitors’ interest in the 2016 CeBIT.

The annual event—CeBIT will be held in Hanover fairground, Germany from 14-18 March, 2016. Airwheel Technology is to take this opportunity to make their self-balancing electric scooter be known by more people, in Hall 17-H06.
by rodneykol9 On Mar 14, 2016

Airwheel S6 electric walkcar street legal: small figure but big smart

Modern transportation tools can bring convenience to people but a series of increasingly prominent problems emerge. Roads are full of cars, buses and other travel tools which possess large space. The result is the traffic congestion.
by jeregarn25 On Mar 14, 2016

The recommended good exhibition in March: CeBIT 2016-Airwheel will showcase its electric scooters

In the beautiful season of March, there must be many beautiful places you want to visit. Hannover, Germany is one of the good places in March. Except the wonderful scenery of Hannover, the CeBIT 2016 attracts lots of people.
by LMease1990 On Mar 14, 2016

The first choice of movable official business: Airwheel S6 mini electric walkcar

Do you ever think of riding Airwheel S6 electric walkcar to do works in the office building? S6 not only can be the good way of daily commuting, but also can be the handy personal vehicle shuttling back and forth in the office.
by angelagy23 On Mar 13, 2016
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