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Manhood Health Crème News

Why a Man’s Male Organ Wakes Up Before He Does

Many men experience tumescence repeatedly throughout the night, but why is the male organ so eager to get going before the alarm even goes off in the morning hours?
by man1health On Oct 23, 2016

Male Organ Sensitivity and Circumcision: What Men Need to Know

Many men who have undergone circumcision might wonder if their male organ sensitivity is compromised. Current studies show that the loss of sensitivity might not be as bad as men have been led to believe.
by man1health On Oct 22, 2016

Member Health Matters in Open Relationships

Maintaining excellent member health is especially important if a man engages in open relationships. These tips can help a man ensure he stays as safe as possible during his encounters.
by man1health On Oct 12, 2016

Sore Member or Male Organ Fracture – Here’s How to Know

An occasional sore member after intimacy is common, especially if the act has been particularly rough. A male organ fracture, however, is an entirely different beast.
by man1health On Sep 23, 2016

Low Desire in Men: Is Low Male Hormone to Blame?

A low desire in men can be caused by numerous things, including lifestyle issues. But one of the most common reasons lies in male hormone – or lack thereof – and many men don’t realize they have a problem.
by man1health On Sep 22, 2016

Manhood Rash May Be Allergic Reaction

There can be numerous causes for a manhood rash, and an allergic reaction is one of the most common. Knowing what to avoid to prevent this rash is crucial for a man’s manhood health.
by man1health On Sep 21, 2016

Itchy Manhood at College: Keeping the Jock Itch Away

No matter how big a man on campus a dude may seem, a madly itchy manhood due to jock itch will fell the reputation of any college man.
by man1health On Sep 20, 2016

Manhood Health 101: The Lowdown on Using Vitamins for Manhood Enlargement

Those interested in manhood health have probably wondered at some point about those enlargement supplements. Do they really work? And what does taking them mean for manhood health?
by man1health On Sep 19, 2016

Manhood Chafing Isn’t Just for Marathon Runners

Chafing is one of those awful sensations that can put a serious damper on the day. Penis chafing makes things even worse, as it causes every move to be a bit painful. Here’s how to prevent or eliminate the problem.
by man1health On Sep 19, 2016

How Manhood Health is Affected by Vitamin B5

Most men are conscious of the need for vigilance where manhood health is concerned. These men may benefit from a greater understanding of the role vitamin B5 plays in manhood health.
by man1health On Sep 16, 2016

Male Dysfunction: What Every Man Should Know

At the first instance of problems ‘getting it up’ or dealing with decreased manhood sensitivity, many men worry that dreaded male dysfunction has begun. It’s time to bust the myths about male dysfunction.
by man1health On Sep 15, 2016

Can Good Vibrations Lead to an Hard Manhood?

Vibrations are all around us, but some scientists believe that specific use of vibrations may help a man achieve an hard manhood. This could be good news for many men.
by man1health On Sep 14, 2016

Manhood Chafing: Prepare Your Tool for Going Commando

Tempted to go without underwear? Going commando can be an exciting feeling, but it can also mean manhood chafing and other irritations. In order to go commando properly, it pays to take a few precautions first.
by man1health On Sep 13, 2016

Interesting Manhood Problems that Can Be Remedied

Unique manhood problems can occur when you least expect them. The good news is that what many men consider problems aren’t really problems at all, or can be easily remedied with a few minor changes.
by man1health On Sep 12, 2016

Better intimacy Requires Attentiveness

Proper attentiveness to a mate is part of the path toward better intimacy for both men and women. Adequate cuddling beforehand is a start, but there’s more to it than just that.
by man1health On Sep 12, 2016

Manhood Odor and the Food that Affects It

A potent case of manhood odor can be a disaster for a man, whether on a date or just hanging out with friends. The food one eats may help to diffuse this odiferous situation.
by man1health On Sep 11, 2016

Male dysfunction and Psoriasis: Could There Be a Link?

Many men experience some male dysfunction at some point in their lives, but a recent study suggests that men with psoriasis may be at greater risk of developing male dysfunction.
by man1health On Sep 9, 2016

Pleasure with a Sore Manhood: Some Helpful Hints

When a guy has a sore manhood, he really should avoid intimacy until it feels better. But too often men sacrifice their sore manhood for a shot at more play.
by man1health On Sep 9, 2016

Self-stimulation Games: Controlling the Emission

Most men engage in self-stimulation strictly for pleasurable purposes (and why not?) But sometimes self-stimulation games can help a man learn a bit about emission control as well.
by man1health On Sep 8, 2016

Itchy Manhood? Manscaping May Help

Too many men are familiar with the curse of an itchy manhood and will try just about anything to cure this problem. For these guys, it might be time to think about a little manscaping.
by man1health On Sep 7, 2016
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