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Fifa 17 News

Manchester United Partnership with EA for FIFA 17 and More

Premier League club Manchester United announced on Wednesday that it has officially entered into a new partnership with FIFA 17 publisher EA Sports.
by fifacoins On Aug 10, 2016

FIFA 17 - Active Intelligence System

Having smart teammates makes you a better player and this is very apparent in FIFA 17, which introduces a few key elements that make for better decisions on the pitch.
by supodum On Jul 15, 2016

Guides on FIFA 17 Tournaments

FIFA 17 Tournaments will be coming thick and fast in FUT 17. You'll see many fixed tournaments and featured tournaments, hopefully with more interesting requirements and win rewards than in previous years.
by supodum On Jul 14, 2016

FIFA 17 Rising Stars from The Euro 2016

With the football tournament over, we look at which international stars are due a stat upgrade. For FIFA 17 be on sale,
by fifacoins On Jul 13, 2016

Guides to Play FIFA 17

Today I will give you some guides on starting winning on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, here we go!
by supodum On Jul 12, 2016

FIFA 17 Companion App Overview

Keep the world of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team close at hand with the EA Sports FIFA 17 Companion App. Now you can manage your Ultimate Team any time, anywhere.
by supodum On Jul 11, 2016

FIFA 17 New Features Trailer Release

FIFA fanatics can look forward to having more control over set-piece situations in once they get their hands on the new FIFA 17 game.
by fifacoins On Jul 9, 2016

Will Pogba Transfer to Man Utd in FIFA 17?

The biggest Summer transfer may be about to happen and if it does it will be the new world record transfer in the process.
by fifacoins On Jul 7, 2016

Which is better in FIFA 17? Villa or Torres?

If you are having problems with choosing Villa or Torres, I will give you my view. Wish to help you a lot.
by supodum On Jul 7, 2016

Introductions to FIFA 17 EA Servers Status and Maintenance

The introductions to FIFA 17 EA servers status and maintenance are prepared for the coming FIFA 17.
by fifacoins On Jul 6, 2016

Ahmed Musa FIFA 17 Rating Prediction

Looking at the latest Summer transfers again, we can see that there is big news regarding Premier League Champions Leicester City.
by fifacoins On Jul 5, 2016

Juventus Joins in FIFA 17

EA FIFA 17 is now the official video game partner for Juventus. The game has already added the Italian champions full squad and their likeness.
by fifacoins On Jul 2, 2016

Chemistry Testing in FIFA 17

Following my Khubulov chemistry testing yesterday I've been running a test this morning continuing with Khubulov, testing other individual chemistry levels and seeing at what number he can no longer do the step over.
by supodum On Jul 2, 2016

Non-Transferable Items Guide for FIFA 17

FIFA 17 will release in late September. The most common questions are related to the transfer of coins and players
by fifacoins On Jun 29, 2016

FIFA 17 Ratings and Legends Predictions

FIFA 17 is coming soon. The FIFA 17 Ratings Reveal will be your first glimpse into the best players of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team
by fifacoins On Jun 28, 2016

FIFA 17: Advice for Players Apparences Edit

I think players appearences will affect our game experience. People want edit their players apparences according to preferences.
by fifacoins On Jun 25, 2016

FIFA 17 New Legends Prediction

FIFA 17 is coming and who will be the new legends is what we care about. I have some ideas to share although it's a prediction only
by fifacoins On Jun 23, 2016

Will FIFA 17 Use Dedicated Servers?

Hello guys, the team of Titanfall game said there will be dedicated servers for the game for better connection, But what about FIFA 17?
by fifacoins On Jun 21, 2016

Middlesbrough's Riverside Stadium Will Be in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 is coming in late September. Middlesbrough FC fans are set for a welcome surprise when they rip open the latest instalment of EA Sports' popular FIFA video game franchise.
by fifacoins On Jun 17, 2016

FIFA 17 FUT Captain Introductions

With the arrival of FIFA 17 and I think it would be the greatest game changer for next years game.
by fifacoins On Jun 16, 2016
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