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Posted Dec 26, 2013 by collinrobinson
All these operations are aimed at a better functioning of the entire system, odor and any possible disease removal.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 26, 2013 -- In order to prevent respiratory diseases, it is recommended that you should periodically change the air conditioner filters and aerating the rooms. The incorrect use of air conditioning can cause rhinitis, asthma or even pneumonia, and people with weakened immune systems are the most vulnerable. Among the most important air conditioning service operations ensured by we can mention: cleaning the evaporator, of the condenser and of the condense tray. All these operations are aimed at a better functioning of the entire system, odor and any possible disease removal.
The prolonged time spent in a room where the air is cooled by air-conditioning systems may favor the occurrence of respiratory problems such as dry persistent, cough, sometimes accompanied by hissing and dry throat. The problems can become even more serious if the room is not properly ventilated, especially if you smoke in that space.
The improper use of the air conditioning can lead to worsening of symptoms (such as stuffy or runny nose), sneezing, sore throat and headache. In addition, prolonged exposure to cold air, but also to irritants such as cigarette smoke or particulate matter in the atmosphere favor the onset of bronchitis, asthma or even pneumonia. If the air conditioners filters are not cleaned or changed regularly, bacteria can spread in the air.
In order to prevent getting ill, the experts from say that you should try to maintain a constant temperature in the room, closer to that from outside, especially if you often go out of the house. Also, we must take care that the room should be ventilated constantly, even several times throughout the day, as air conditioners do not bring any fresh air from outside.
Servicing and cleaning of an air conditioner consists of cleaning the evaporator of the indoor unit with a special sanitizing solution. Cleaning the indoor unit filters should be done more often; if dust gets in large amounts on these filters, it will clog the plant surface through which the installation is drawing air from the room resulting in a low flow of cold air blown by the device. Besides this, the dust on the indoor unit elements is creating an environment conducive to the development of bacteria and fungi. recommends changing them after two years of using the air conditioner. Cleaning the outdoor unit of the air conditioning is just as important. On the back of the external unit over time dust, leaves of poplar fluff are deposited, thus reducing the surface where it transfers its heat from the inside of the house. Check the drain tube because it can be clogged. Checking the Freon pressure is very important because after a period of use, in about a year, it may lose the necessary quantity for the air conditioner to give yield. Also, its operation without the correct amount of agent in the system leads to wear of the compressor. Go to 2043 Trade Center Way Naples, FL 34109 (239) 597-7873 if you want quality services for your air conditioning system.

Verification of operating parameters after one year of use of the air conditioner will prevent the early occurrence of faults. Servicing and cleaning the air conditioner should be done once a year by the experts from .
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