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WOW Token EU Available April 21 for 35K WOW Gold or 20 EUR

Posted Apr 22, 2015 by fifapal
WOW Token EU Available April 21 for 35K WOW Gold or 20 EUR

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 22, 2015 -- Blizzard has announced that WOW token goes live in the Europe game region on April 21, 2015, with 20 EUR from the Shop and 35,000 gold starting price in AH. After it launched, it valued over 40,000 wow gold for sale fast delivery abruptly. Why did WOW Token’s price increase that abruptly? Should it be adjusted in RU region?
World of Warcraft Token available on EU region

The wow token in EU region is available for 20 EUR (15 GBP) from the in-game Shop and set at a starting price of 35,000 gold in the Auction House across the whole Europe region. Similarly to WOW Token US, players can exchange wow gold to game time. You can click here to learn more details about US WOW Token.

Why is WOW Token EU starting at 35K gold while 30K in US?

As we all know, wow tokens started in NA at 30K gold, and the price dropped pretty dramatically. This time, the devs initially want a large supply, so they're jacking the amount of gold way up for the early buyers. Although the price may drop in future, people knowing that will compel them even more to buy them early.

Why is WOW Token’s price in EU increasing more than in US?

Basically, it is about supply and demand. Low supply and high demand make high prices. Wow tokens are just launched on EU, so once more people buy and post a lot and then the price will drop. Look at the price of certain farmable wow mounts. A lot of them plummet once the market becomes saturated enough.

Will wow eu tokens plummet, especially in RU region?

Will wow eu tokens drop lower than 30k? Maybe not. Take RU region into consideration. Wow gold in RU region is like 4 times cheaper than on the rest of the EU currently. For example, blue spectral and rooster value 400k-500k on EU while on RU they're over 800k. And on US they're like 200-300k.

Besides, Token's price is 1100 rub, which is three times as big as monthly subscription, and you can buy around 100k wow cheap gold on Safewow for that price. That means, majority of Russian players will never tend to buy Tokens for real money, which will lead to bigger demand than on US servers.

Maybe Blizzard should set up different price for RU region, like a starting price of 50k, but who knows?! But it is certain that you can get cheapest wow gold for sale on Safewow 0 Profit Sale in May. Stay tuned!
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