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wow gold cheap 8% off with wow 6.1 patch notes on Twitter integration

Posted Jan 14, 2015 by wowapple
Dataminers have burrowed into World of Warcraft and dug out the latest details of the game's next update.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 14, 2015 -- Dataminers have burrowed into World of Warcraft and dug out the latest details of the game's next update. The info reveals numerous details about the upcoming 6.1 patch, including new quests, items, graphics options and, for some reason or other, Twitter integration.
Twitterers will be able to tweet screenshots and post suggested tweets, such as "I just earned the %s Achievement! #Warcraft" and "Check out this Achievement! %s #Warcraft". Good hashtag usage there.

What else? New quests will be centred around the Iron Docks. Raiders will get a UI-based pat on the back for downing a boss, and new anti-aliasing options will let you pick between MSAA, SSAA and SSAA + CMAA.

As for Garrisons, they're getting a bunch of new options. Scout Reports will give new missions, Mission Completion Orders will instantly complete a mission, and Rush Orders will complete five work orders. If that all sounds too much like work, you can summon 10-40 player bosses to your garrison. To fight, not to have tea.

WOW gamers discussing on this:

Twitter integration? Why?

It's about as annoying as when I'm watching The Talking Dead now that they've decided to post constant tweets from fans during the show. Like I really want to have screen space waste on spazzes tweeting 'if so and so dies, we riot', or 'so and so is totally hot' - Mmmmm Beer

lol imagine if they started doing that for movies....Ugh.... More twitter noise...... I can appreciate blizzard wanting a bit more social media integration but the majority of noise won't be worth reading... Yes. Everyone wants to hear about how we killed X number of creature #0167 or how we wts savage blood.. Every tuesday there will be hundreds if not thousands of screenshots of us killing the same raid boss..... Selfies at its worse... - WhatDidYouSay

I do not want flying in Draenor. Leveling my DK in Outland I noticed I didn't have flying went back to Org. and bought flying, got back to Outland and it did not feel the same, I feel like I lost something rather that gaining.- Sergio

I just want the loom vendor to return... - Silithas

Twitter integration may also be a means to display developer tweets in the launcher where more people will notice them and likely participate in the conversations. - Jawaka

Sounds like a bad idea to me. - Furyhunter

Ah yes, the most important thing that WoW never had; twitter integration. Good to know they have their priorities straight. /eyeroll - 13ullseye

Ah yes, and because it doesn't interest one particular person it has to be considered a waste of time. - Jawaka

Nobody was asking for this. Ashran is broken and slow, Warlocks are less than useless, garrison missions need serious retooling and they prioritize a Twitter app?- Legendoom

This might come as a surprise to you by the sounds of it... The people that are working on the Twitter function are not the same game dev's that would be working on class fixes, zones etc. In fact, those people might be part of a larger social media team at Blizzard that don't even focus specifically on WoW 100% of the time - Darcy J. Hope

shhh. You're talking to someone who has zero knowledge of software development. These are the same people who get pissy when engineers make a new gadget, since they think their time could have been better spent curing cancer. - Michael Andrew

Have they let us fly in Draenor yet? No?Oh, well. I could use the 15 bucks elsewhere.- Legendoom

I do not want flying. Please put the money to good use. - Sergio

I enjoy the game more without flying so I'll make up for your $15 loss. - Jawaka

If you are too lazy to ride a mount somewhere, i think playing WoW is the least of your worries. - Pibsqueek

I would rather if they made WoW more realistic and forced everyone to walk everywhere. Wouldn't that be more fun? -Jeffry Clause

Why would you need flying? The social interaction with flying is completely eliminated and the world would be come a ghost town. Just like every other zone in the game.Flying is what botters want, because they're so easily spotted now on ground cause they get stuck everywhere.- Hamzta

uhm social interaction ruined because of flying? Nobody does anything but sit in their garrison now and troll trade chat and all the ,main cities are ghost towns now so your point is moot. - Mel Lane

The social interaction with flying is completely eliminated and the world would be come a ghost town.

It already is. And considering the only places people land are either when they're picking up a quest or in the middle of doing it, there's absolutely nothing to stop you talking to anybody.

> Flying is what botters want
Thank you for accusing me of botting.
> because they're so easily spotted now on ground cause they get stuck everywhere.
You're a moron if you think that bots are stumped by simple collision issues. I've seen bots play out battlegrounds as competently as any player; the only way you can spot them is watch how they move. They don't go out of their way to attack others unless attacked first, they make a beeline for the enemy goal, etc. - Legendoom

I bot. That's untrue. Collision issues happen all the time. Mining and Herbing, farming questing, really the only place where collision issues are irrelevant are bgs. because you die, or get kicked. Collision will always be an issue. Also, that's not how they work at all, actually. The default and widely used botbase doesn't do objectives aside from sitting on a base, attacks everything in sight, automatically moves to and with the largest group of players in the vicinity. Granted that's only the default, and using good profiles and a botbase with advanced logic what you said would be true. but only people who actually know how to bot properly do that. Which is like nobody. Flying is about the dumbest reason you could have for quitting wow at this point. Ashran is broken, Raids have been reduced to childs play, they've literally destroyed half the classes, and you want to quit WoW because you cant fly. 21? - Bash

You'll forgive me if I don't enjoy being robbed of my interactivity during a flight path. That's kind of an important part of a game.Oh I thought you were talking about flying, not instant teleportation between zones (It takes time to manually fly from one place to another, you know? - Piaggio

Jesus christ legendoom, you must really not like the game to sit and type out long responses over the internet. If you are so butthurt, i suggest you move on, because you are just making an of yourself. - Pibsqueek

Flying mounts suck. whats the point of creating this massive world if you can just fly and land on a specific section avoiding all of the content? - Min64

flying mounts are the worst cancer to ever hit wow, they completely strip the world of its world feeling and it encourages players to never interact with each other, flying around like robots from point A to B.
If you enjoy flying mounts in WoW I really hope you do never come back, you are the cancer. - pacmayange
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