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WOW fans can't miss the amazing Warlords of Draenor: Garrison Followers

Posted Dec 25, 2014 by wowapple
One of the largest and most highly-discussed features of Warlords of Draenor is the garrison -- a stronghold on Draenor that you get to construct and customize to your heart's content.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 25, 2014 -- One of the largest and most highly-discussed features of Warlords of Draenor is the garrison -- a stronghold on Draenor that you get to construct and customize to your heart's content. Hand in hand with the garrison are a multitude of other things to look forward to -- missions, quests, blueprints, profession buildings, building bonuses, followers, and more. You aren't going to necessarily be spending a lot of time sitting around in your garrison, but you'll be ducking back to it periodically in between everything else there is to do on Draenor.

You can kind of think of your garrison as your own, personalized capital city in a way -- you can customize it with whatever buildings you want, and you can switch those buildings out if you decide you're better off with a different kind of building. As for your followers, they are the citizens of your garrison, the NPCs that wander around doing various tasks and spitting out conversations with passers-by. But followers are far more than just eye-candy for your garrison -- they are useful tools to help you get the most out of what the expansion has to offer.


Your biggest use for your followers are missions -- tasks for your followers to complete. Think of yourself as the all-seeing, all-knowing quest giver for your followers and you've got a general idea of what that means. All missions are handed out via a table located in your Town Hall, where you can look at what kinds of randomly-assigned missions are available, and choose who to send where, or whether or not you really want to attempt a particular mission at all. Each mission has its own objectives and enemies that your followers are going to have to combat during the course of the mission.

And each mission has a series of threats that you'll need to counter. Your followers will have two different attributes you need to pay attention to -- abilities and traits. Both abilities and traits are designed to counter particular threats. Building a team for a mission is pretty easy in this aspect -- you want to choose the follower that can best counter the threat that the mission poses. The more of these abilities you counter, the better the chances of your followers successfully completing the mission.

So why send them on these things at all? Because missions offer some really awesome rewards. Gold, armor, weapons, toys, and even grey vendor items that sell for a lot of gold. If you have the Salvage Yard built in your garrison, your followers will also bring back salvage in addition to whatever other rewards are offered for a mission's success. You don't have to actually go with your followers on these missions, either -- you simply assign them to a task, click a button, and they head out of your garrison and off on adventure. That's the end of your involvement with the process. So you can set your followers up to go complete things for you while you're off doing whatever you like.


Some followers can also be assigned to the different buildings you construct in your garrison. Assigning a follower to a profession building will make that building better, whether it be by increasing work productivity, or selling valuable rewards that you wouldn't be able to get any other way. For example, assigning a follower to the Engineering building will turn that follower into a vendor that sells cool and unique engineering items. You don't have to be an engineer to take advantage of the vendor, or use the vendor's items.

There's a drawback to this, though. If a follower is assigned to a building, they naturally aren't available for going on any missions. You're only allowed 20 active followers at a time, and a follower that is working in a building counts towards that total. It's up to you to decide if the trade-off is worth it -- but more often than not, it absolutely is.

Of course your followers are just as flexible as the buildings you construct, too. Assigning a follower to a building is never a permanent thing, you can always have them stop working at that particular building, if you'd rather send them on missions or other tasks. Items that you purchase from building vendors will still be in your bags if you take someone off of a building assignment -- you just won't be able to buy anything new until you put them back to work.

Gaining followers

Getting followers is ridiculously easy -- many followers are tied into quests you're already going to be completing while you level through Draenor. Some are found by sending your followers to complete missions. Some are harder to find, and require a little exploration or quick thinking. Chances are, if you see a random NPC in trouble out in the world, helping that guy out isn't just an act of kindness, it's also likely to nab you another follower for your garrison, too.

Followers gain levels just like you do, via experience gathered through the missions they complete. Once they reach level 100, that's not the end of their journey -- you can level them from Uncommon to Rare quality, or Rare to Epic quality after they've reached max level. And you can customize your followers with special gear enhancements to increase their ilvl right alongside yours, making sure that they can complete even tougher missions for even better rewards.

But beyond all that, it's just fun having a garrison full of people that salute you when you walk by and are constantly ready to help you out. It's cool seeing a visual, tangible reminder of all the good you're doing while you're out there in Draenor. And it's really, really fun to consider the fact that you're making the leap from hero running ridiculous errands, to commander assigning ridiculous errands for other people to complete.

See how wow players comment on WOW Garrison Followers

I just saw that you can get a free Garrison Guide addon if you pre-order Zygor's Warlords of Draenor leveling addon, can't wait for this expansion, looks better that MoP.- JackJenkins2

So now I have to level myself, my alts, my pets, my followers and my alts followers?
I'm really upset garrisons are not account-wide right now. At least pets were, and those still took forever to level. Garrisons are looking like about 10% fun and 90% pain in the to me right now. Doing farms on multiple alts was almost enough to make me quit and garrisons sound 10x worse. - Thunder99

I keep hoping to read something about garrisons that will make them sound like something I want to do. Still waiting .... To me it reads like pet battles only more complicated and less avoidable. But I never even trained pet battles so I don't really know. - maalin

If i'm not mistaken, as far as i've seen, there's only one type of architecture for garrisons, human for alliance and orcish for horde. That means that i , as a troll or a blood elf, am going to have all orc buildings in my garrison (which btw is awful). Shouldn't we have building's architecture acorrding to our race? I'd love to see a silvermoon-kind of garrison, or a camp like Sen'jin Village. - apatxot

Yeah, more stuff to play ALL ALONE, be it in instances or on Draenor with your NPC friends... without any human contact at all ; Exactly what I want when I play a MMORPG ! - aurecante

Garrisons have gone from a great idea to a terrible implementation Blizzard put far too much "blizzard sauce" on this one and now it's just a stupid grind with no customization whatsoever. - Zeppy

Just feels like whatever building I choose, I'll be missing out on something. Want 50% damage reduction, get the arena. Want extra gold, get the salvage yard. Want portals to other city's, get mage tower. With only 3 buildings, just seems like you miss out on something. Yes, I know you can change buildings at a whim, but that just seems like a gold sink. Just my opinion. - jabrone77

Imagine the garrison gameplay feature being implemented as your own ship in a south sea expansion. That'd be pretty cool. - connelallison

One thing I've noticed is that you can't 'carry' lower level followers with higher level followers. If a follower is too low level for a mission, you can drop them in the slot, but their special abilities won't apply, and they won't get XP from the mission. You do seem to get a range of missions based on the levels of your followers, but keep an eye on it. I got burned needing Hex to deal with something, but my shaman had been stuck in the Forge since I got her. - jbhelfrich

The mission and follower have to be within 2 levels of each other. It's better to level your guys evenly so you have a lot of missions in their range. Do not let one hit level 100 until you are prepared to lose most of your low-level missions. - Puntable1

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