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Workers Compensation Insurance A Brief Analysis

Posted Dec 4, 2014 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 4, 2014 -- Workers Compensation Insurance A Brief Analysis
Workers compensation coverage helps a business protect its staff when they happen to face accidents or get injured on the job. It allows you stay safe from lawsuits and other losses such mishaps can cause. In the US, it is the States which takes decisions in the matter. However, the rules and regulations remain almost the same. There are just slight differences in the amount offered and the formalities both the employers and the employees have to complete to enjoy the benefit. You have to visit your State’s website designed for the purpose to know more about it.
What do workers compensation insurance policies protect?
Know that this policy takes care of only those injuries or accidents an employee happen to suffer while performing his/her work-related responsibilities. The requirements may vary from agency to agency. However, if you feel that the suffering was caused due to deliberate negligence, you can choose to sue the company instead of availing the compensation. The coverage if you go for it may take care of the loss suffered by injury, accident or permanent disability. It would even help you bear the expenses involved in rehabilitation. The salary before injury, the loss of income, and the extent of loss are the factors which come to play in determining the compensation amount.
Even if you get killed on the job, your family is entitled to receive a compensation based on the salary you used to receive. And, the death benefit your family may get can come up to $6,000.
What it does not protect?
It is true that the protection you may get under this policy is great. But, this does not mean that it covers all injuries you happen to suffer when working. You may be denied compensation in the following scenarios.
• If you happen to get injured when drunk
• Injuries due to your own negligence
• If the injury is because of a fight between you and your co-worker
• If the injury happens after you are fired

Obligations of the employer

If you are someone running a business, the law requires you to take out a workers compensation insurance policy for your employees. Given below are your legal responsibilities as the owner of a company.
1. Make sure that your staff is informed of their rights in this respect. For this, you should post notices and advise your employees about the benefits they are offered under the workers compensation policy arranged for them.
2. You should inform your employees as to the name of the insurance provider. You should also mention who all have to make adjustments in their claims.
3. Inform your staff that they have the right to change the doctor if they wish to do so.
When an employee happens to get injured on the job, you should hand over the compensation claim form within one day. The law also expects you to do the same within the shortest time possible after hiring a new employee. Remember, workers compensation insurance is not an obligation you can avoid if you want; it is a legal requirement. Its absence can cost you your business.
Using policies of South California Insurance you can insure your workers at fantastic terms. Visit and see how experienced agents can help you.
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