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Why to use a Keyboard tray?

Posted Feb 6, 2015 by Backrxspinecare
Using the keyboard for long hours without any awareness of the angle of your wrists & the position of your neck can cause slow damage to the muscles & tendons in your body.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 6, 2015 -- Sore wrists & neck off computing for long hours, are so common. People almost think it’s normal!

Short term wrist or neck pain that you ignore can end up being long term Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or a Cervical Disc Disease that takes years to develop but once present can be very difficult to reverse. To avoid future problems & be safe, a little knowledge & care would go a long way.

How to use a Keyboard tray?

If you don't already use one it is a great idea to get a Keyboard tray attached to your surface. This will provide a large amount of flexibility in positioning of the keyboard, so you are not forced to use only the surface which may not be the best angles for your joints.

The ability to move the keyboard further away under the desk when not in use & pull it out as far as you need when in use, is quite helpful. The tilt of the keyboard tray can also be adjusted - tipping it away from the body, will help you to create an open angle in the elbow-wrists sloping downwards, easing off stresses. Apart from this, adjusting the height at which you need the keyboard according to your body height, chair height & table height, helps to achieve Ergonomic Body Alignment described below.

Ergonomic Body Alignment for Computing:
● Neck straight- not poking forwards & out
● Shoulders relaxed & pulled back, not rounding forwards or hiking upwards into the ears
● Elbows close to the body & at a 90 or more open between 90-120 degree angle
● Wrists straight-not bent upwards for sure, bent downwards a little bit if possible
● Wrists not turned in or out
● Back supported neatly into the backrest of preferably an Ergonomic Office Chair

After setting yourself up in this alignment, if your feet dangle- use a footrest to fill the gap.
If you are using a Laptop, a Laptop Stand will help you to improve your head-neck alignment and the keyboard, mouse can be placed on the Keyboard tray.

A keyboard tray usually has an attached adjacent section for the mouse, so you don't have to reach further out to use the mouse & it is at the same height as the keyboard. The repetitive action of keying & mousing will be less stressful on the muscles & tendons that are producing these actions, if you position your joints in alignments of decreased stress.

An Ergonomic Office Chair, a Keyboard Tray, a Laptop Stand & a Footrest together can help you create a personalized Ergonomic set up. This basically means a set up in which your joints are positioned as best as they can be, to minimize the health risk this type of prolonged sedentary work poses!
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