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Why its Awesome to Buy Likes on Facebook

Posted Jan 2, 2015 by hilldread
When you buy likes on facebook fan page to increase your page popularity as a marketing strategy, you stop to wonder whether its a good or bad idea.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 2, 2015 -- When you buy likes on facebook fan page to increase your page popularity as a marketing strategy, you stop to wonder whether its a good or bad idea. Well frankly speaking, I strongly suggest you buy facebook likes for any fan page you have got because its the best decision you will ever make. Human beings can be viewed as an alpha primate "a mammal of an order that includes the lemurs, bushbabies, tarsiers, marmosets, monkeys, apes, and humans" which ultimately imitate some of the features exhibited by lower primate. Lower primate which include lemurs, bushbabies, tarsiers, marmosets, monkeys and apes all have one thing in common. They all go in packs. They like going in groups. This among many other reasons is because it has more benefits than standing alone. Human beings have also adopted this technique as well. Most people will hardly use or buy a product if people are not using it or if its not popular. There is a particular saying that goes " if you like it, I will probably like it too". Now this same reason arises when you get a facebook fan page with little to a handful of likes on it. People will ask themselves questions like; 1. hmmm do people actually know or use this product/service? 2. are their product/service really what they say it is? 3. What are people saying about this brand/product/service? 4. If people love it, they should also follow them as well by liking their fan pages. These and many more questions will be going through people's mind. And this also relates to other social media platforms as well. Be it Twitter, Pinterest or Google plus, just to name a few. Case study 1 My colleagues and I wanted to prove to a few folks about how nice it is to buy facebook likes from those suppliers. We openned a new fan page and bought a couple of thousands of facebook likes and regularly posted on it wall. While some of the likes were from dormant accounts, they actually attracted real likes from real accounts. Then I proceeded to boost the post on Facebook ads network. The outcome was very favorable. We actually made 6x our investments. I most also add that, we got more likes in their thousands and more retaining customers. Case Study 2 While we were trying the other fan page, we made another fan page with the same niche. And the only thing we didn't do was to buy Facebook likes to the fan page. Surprising to say, the outcome was terrible. Even when we spent about $$$ more than we did with the fan page we bought likes on, we couldn't even realize 10% of the capital invested. This brings me to conclude that buying facebook likes is a good business approach to marketing. As they say too much of everything is not good. So you should trade with caution. If you want to buy likes for your Facebook fan page or twitter followers for your twitter account or any other social media platforms, you should try and buy somewhere around industrial average. What I mean by industrial average is check your competitors likes counts and try and buy the equivalent. If their page has huge likes/followers base, then competing with that is a bad idea. I will strongly suggest you go gradually until you have gain your own market share before buying huge likes for your fan page. A typical example is the clothing and fashion niche. To compete with the industrial giant Victoria's Secrets that has over 26 million likes on their facebook fan page, you now decide to cut a huge budget and buy over 1 million likes for your new page. This is a terrible idea and we strongly discourage such... You can as well buy facebook fans from now
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Last Updated : Jan 2, 2015

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