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Which is the composition of a quality nootropic product

Posted May 12, 2014 by gailblack
When it comes to choosing high quality nootropic capsules on the market, it is highly recommended to first at the list of ingredients.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 12, 2014 -- When it comes to choosing high quality nootropic capsules on the market, it is highly recommended to first at the list of ingredients. This way you learn that any quality smart drugs combined various active elements with natural elements in order to guarantee efficient result. From vitamin B-6 to Alpha GPC, from Huperzine to L-Phenylalanine these are only a few of the ingredients nootropics should contain for guarantying a real improvement of all your cognitive functions. Consult a certified retailer today for further information!

More and more popular in recent years, nootropic products, also known as smart drugs boost brain oxygenation, enhancing intelligence, memory, focus and attention. In other words, these vegetarian capsules will help you think clearer, remember better and have a lucid mind at any moment. Forget about depression, stress or fatigue: you will always feel motivated to perform all the tasks in your daily schedule!

So, what should the nootropic formula contain in order to guarantee an optimal level of brain activity? Well, it’s simple: a long list of natural ingredients. Among the most popular ingredients are Bacopa, substance extracted from the plan called Bacopa monnieri and enhances memory and learning process. Vitamin B-6 is also commonly used in the composition.

Other important component for the manufacturing of smart drugs is L-tyrosine, an amino acid playing a key role for producing Dopamine. Extracted from green tea, L-tyrosine is another essential amino acid that fights tiredness and stress. On the other hand, a superior quality nootropic product should contain Vinpocetine: an agent extracted from a plant called periwinkle that enhances blood flow, preventing inflammation.

Smart drugs also contain Phosphatidylserine, a Soy-PS that is made from soybean lecithin, and Forskolin that improves the quantity of cAMP in cells. Huperzine is extracted from Huperzia Serrata plant. Pterostilbene is a very efficient natural antioxidant that can be found also in grapes and blueberries. As you can notice, all the ingredients have a specific role in improving, and enhancing one cognitive function of another.

The only secret is to purchase of these smart drugs from a serious and reliable manufacturer. The truth is that the market is full of companies and experts, claiming that they have the best products. What you have to do is stop at one that uses all these ingredients and even more in order to produce these amazing vegetarian capsules that can boost cognitive functions.

And this is how, from one day to another you will be able to enjoy a clearer mind, a better mood and to see how it feels to be motivated all the time. Enhanced memory and intelligence, no more depression or fatigue are other important benefits guaranteed when and if you decide to take nootropics. Call today for further information.
For gathering more information on nootropic capsules, take a look at the site nootropic . Please consult the webpage smart drugs for further reference on the concept of smart drugs, advice on usage, main benefits and ordering and payment procedures.
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Last Updated : May 12, 2014

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