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Which is the best Cervical Pillow?

Posted Jan 27, 2015 by Backrxspinecare
Many of us suffer neck pain. In this computing age, there is increasingly more stress on the smaller joints of the hands & the neck.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 27, 2015 -- Constant, repetitive use of different types of keypads, handling mobile phones & tablets - increases stress in the neck, shoulders & arms. Knots & tension in the upper shoulder muscles is very common.

Invariably you hear someone say 'I think I slept incorrectly & my neck is sore'! This does happen a lot because we are not aware which pillow suits our neck and which doesn't. One important change-able factor for neck pain is the use of a good Cervical Pillow.

Your head & neck is resting on a pillow for 8 hours every night. This fairly static position has an effect on how your neck feels when you wake up first thing in the morning. If your neck feels stiff and tight, one of the things to check is your pillow. Which Neck Pillow you use is important. If it is soft & filled with feathers or too firm full of cotton- this could well be the problem. The shape of your neck should be firmly supported by your Neck Pillow.

Firm is key- not too soft, not too hard. Also a material that takes the shape of your neck is great because it does not allow your neck to sink into it or nor does it pose resistance by being hard and having no give.

A Cervical Pillow has 2 important features that facilitate spinal health. One is the material it is made of & two is its shape. Both factors are crucial for good support & restful sleep. It is made of Memory foam which is firm & has a give which allows the neck to form its shape on the pillow. Pillows are shaped straight flat or contoured- this facilitates maintenance of the natural inward curve of the neck. A Contoured neck pillow is considered the best pillow for side sleepers as it covers the larger gap that is created between the neck and the bed while resting on the side.

Check & change your pillow - one of the easiest lifestyle changes that go a long way!
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