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Wheelchair accessible minivans

Posted Nov 19, 2014 by AldoMoore
Buy new or used wheelchair minivan at Better Life Mobility Center in California or Nevada. For more visit this website .

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 19, 2014 -- Wheelchair accessible minivans
These minivans are specifically designed for the wheelchair users allowing them safe entry and exit while seated in their manual or power wheelchair.
Things buyers of Wheelchair Minivan must know
Wheelchair minivans are available in a variety of conversion styles and designs and peripheral equipments. Here are some essential guidelines to help you to shop:
 A wheelchair minivan is customized based on the physical needs of the wheelchair user. Your mobility consultant will help you to find the right type of vehicle by guiding you through the process of exploring different minivan conversions and giving you the basic idea of all the options available based on your disability.
 A side entry minivan will work perfectly for smaller families. Side entry minivan can accommodate around 6-7 passengers.
 If your child is with a physical disability, then rear entry minivan works better as it has wider and higher opening.
 Seating arrangement should be based on the condition of the wheelchair user. If that user is a child, then caregiver’s seating should be next to the wheelchair.
Customization options for wheelchair minivans
There are many manufactures of minivan for wheelchair users that offers several customization options. Some of the customization features are:
 Power seat: It offers so much style and convenience to the wheelchair drivers. It provides trackless design which means that the tracks disappear when the seat is in forward position. This gives space for wheelchair mobility.
 Ramps: two types of ramps are available-folding and in-floor ramp.
 Type-s conversion: this conversion style features chrome wheels, custom graphics, faux hood scoops, rear spoiler and more.
 Remote controls: controls help you operate the power door and ramp.
 Driving controls: several steering aids, zero effort steering, touch pads and brakes are available for the convenience of the wheelchair driver.
 Power tie-downs: the wheelchair can be secured automatically in the passenger’s position with the help of power tie-down. Just lock down the wheelchair and drive.
Money saving tips on a wheelchair minivan
 Create a budget: if you intend to buy a new minivan with a new conversion, then be ready to pay a higher amount for that brand new minivan. On the other hand, if you opt for a used minivan with a new conversion then you could save a lot of money. Used minivans with a new conversion are available in a range of prices. However, if you are too budget-minded then opt for a used minivan with a used conversion.
 Check for minivans both online and locally: in order to get the best deal, search dealerships both on the web and locally.
 Ask the right questions before you buy: make sure you have sufficient information before you purchase. Ask about the warranties. Some new minivans with a new conversion have multi-year warranties. Find out about the delivery options and charges if you buy from an online dealer.
 Examine the testimonials and company reviews: scope out about the dealerships in testimonials on the company review site.
Buy new or used wheelchair minivan at Better Life Mobility Center in California or Nevada. For more visit this website .

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Last Updated : Nov 19, 2014

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