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What to look for when hiring escortes

Posted May 8, 2014 by tedmark
Who hasn’t heard all the horror stories about hiring escorts? Being robbed, cashed and dashed, escortes watching the clock thinking of their next appointment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 8, 2014 -- Who hasn’t heard all the horror stories about hiring escorts? Being robbed, cashed and dashed, escortes watching the clock thinking of their next appointment, a girl showing up nothing quite like as described, escorts not excited about their services and so many more. But there are some easy steps you can take to prevent this from happening to you.

First and foremost, when looking for escortes, do not be fooled by a pretty picture and the promise of a good time; this is where many people go wrong. In fact, half the times the girl in the picture is not the very same girl that shows up at your door. Of course, there are escorts who will tell you what you want to hear and show you false pictures to get your money. This is how they pay their bills, after all. These escortes do not work off regular business but work off the everyday traveler coming into town. The way to prevent this from every happening is not allowing the lady they send through the door. Too many people allow it because they are too nice. But, do you think that the people on the other end giving you false pretenses are nice? No! So do not allow it. If they were so obliged to lie about their looks than what makes you think that they would tell the truth about their services? By allowing the girl inside you are just promoting their bad business dealings.

Another way of making sure your situation doesn’t go south, when hiring escorts, is by using your common sense. If you were treated poorly over the phone, then why would it be any different when the escorts get there? If the circumstances seem shady during your first impression, chances are they actually are. Make sure every business dealing, before seeing the escortes, is up to par and you are treated professionally.

A very important step in the process, that many times goes unnoticed, is discretion. You would think this step would be of most importance. If the escorts are not being the least discreet about themselves or their services, then what makes you think they will be discreet about your information? A great way to make sure your information is kept private and confidential is to simply ask. There are plenty of escortes services that are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement with their girls and with you. This is legally binding and helps assure you that all your information will be kept safe, as it should be. If you are still not sure that they are truthful then you could make up your own agreement for the escortes to sign.

When looking for escorts keep these things in mind: paying extra to get someone clean and safe, and to get someone who can assure you safety and confidentiality is worth every penny.

Are you new in town or simply looking to have a great time? Then looking into beautiful escortes will definitely be exactly what you’re looking for. A great escorts agency will have that someone who is just right for you.
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Last Updated : May 8, 2014

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