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What the idea about If Blizzard Lowers Requirements for Raid Group Forming in WOW

Posted Apr 29, 2015 by fifapal
What the idea about If Blizzard Lowers Requirements for Raid Group Forming in WOW

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 29, 2015 -- There are many literal gates to limit players to access content currently with meeting stones. Along with the high ilvl wow gear, achievements and feats of strength are required. It sounds hard to join in a group. Provided Blizzard dictates to form raid groups, what suggestions do you have for the devs? Are you afraid that the combat level is lowered down by lower level people?

Too many gates for candidates to access content

Currently, in order to access content, players have to both process higher ilvl gear than item drops from the difficulties and gain achievements and feats of strength. It is like to do Karazhan, a level 70 ten-man raid instance. Is it possible for uneducated players to reach it?

Critically, it is still hard to find “new players” to join their roster after epic raid instances have reduced the requirements for gear level.

Suggestions from players for raid group forming

For the above reasons, some people believe that the requirements of achievements and feats of strength should be removed. After all, high ilvl gear is enough to consume safe wow gold. Besides, the “pre-made finder” can be automatic invites and automatically invites 2 tanks and 1 healer per 5 players in the group.

Jagex will never dictate players’ choice for forming raid groups

We have to admit that Jagex has done a good job for running dungeons. There used to be many more literal gates in the form of attunements you'd have to accomplish in order to access content. There was neither a group finder to help players search for people running the dungeons, nor the tools to more easily find and lead a group before. The current social behavior make group content more accessible than it ever has been.

Jagex has clarified that they don’t want to overly dictate the choices players have or don't have, for forming raid groups.

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