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What questions to ask dog breeders Surrey

Posted Feb 17, 2014 by johnybfre
Dog breeders Surrey are people who love dogs and want to share their passion with other dog lovers, by providing them with healthy, socialised and loyal friends.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 17, 2014 -- Getting a pet is rewarding in any possible way. Pets bring you warmth, joy, and protection. Anyone who benefits from having a pet knows that. But bringing a pet into your home is an important decision that you have to weigh very well, before actually making it.

The most popular pets in today's households are dogs and cats. Raising a dog or cat is a commitment that you have to take for a very long time. Some of these animals were reported to have lived for more than 20 years, so, if you want a healthy pet, make sure to ask the right questions.

Dog breeders Surrey trade almost any dog breed. Some of them are specialised in selling a dog breed only, while others trade a number of breeds. One of the first questions that you could ask a dog breeder should be related to the characteristics of the dog you want to purchase.

There is no shame to ask such question. This shows that you are interested in the behavioural traits of your future friend and that you will take good care of it. Plus, asking dog breeders Surrey directly about a particular dog breed can give you much more information than any book or website.

Another important question is related to the parents of the puppy you want to adopt. Ask about their general health and, if possible, require dog breeders to allow you to meet the parents, or, at least, the mother. And since you are at the health topic, ask if health insurance is included in the adoption costs.

If you plan to adopt an adult dog, inquire dog breeders about the dog’s general health and its experience with other animals and humans. As an example, Border Collies Surrey can be adopted at virtually any age, because they are very intelligent and can be trained rapidly.

Speaking of training, dogs, whether they are Border Collies Surrey, Cocker Spaniels or Dalmatians need to be trained to perform certain actions in a specific manner. Generally, the training is done by dogs’ owners, but it is preferable to be undertaken by an expert. Therefore, the next question that you have to ask dog breeders is if they provide training or not, or if they can at least recommend you a reliable trainer.

Finally, a question that you do not ask a dog breeder, but people who have taken their dogs from that particular breeder, is related to the overall relationship between the breeder and his customers. Generally, this type of information is available online, since lots of people love to share their opinions on the Web.

Want to bring a Border Collie into your home? This is an important step in your life, therefore the decision must be made only when you are 100% sure of it and also highly informed on this dog breed. In just a few words, Border Collies Surrey are intelligent, energetic, loyal, socialise well with other animals and children and need to be exercised daily. If this is the type of dog you want, contact us today for a puppy. We are reliable dog breeders Surrey that provide KC registered and vet checked Border Collie puppies.
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Last Updated : Feb 17, 2014

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