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What Is a Commercial Photographer?

Posted Feb 16, 2014 by johnybfre
The job of a commercial photographer is to create the perfect shot that will be the image of a product or a company in the eyes of the public.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 16, 2014 -- The job of a commercial photographer is to create the perfect shot that will be the image of a product or a company in the eyes of the public. The camera is in fact an indispensable tool in the advertising industry, but unlike fine art photography, commercial photography is not used to preserve a memory, but to promote something. A professional advertising photographer uses his vision and skills to create an image that sells the product.

In a nutshell, commercial photography is a photographic work carried out for business purposes. We see such photographs in magazines, newspapers, restaurants menus, brochures or even on billboards, but we rarely think about the whole work that stands behind these commercial artworks. The truth is that these photos don’t just pop out so that everyone can see them. There are professional photographers who specialize in this field of work in particular.

It actually takes a lot of work to obtain the perfect shot. Every business owner has a specific view on their company and they want to share this perspective with all of their potential customers. The role of a commercial photographer is to present to the public this point of view. It takes years of experience, of gaining skills and improving the equipment to obtain the perfect shot.

There are photographers, like Irving Penn and Richard Avedon who have become famous because of their commercial photography artworks. They made their name during the postwar era, when there was a tremendous growth in advertising photography and the pictures of the real life. The influence of these two commercial photographers is due to the fact that their work was developed in their personal styles. This proves the fact that not any advertising photographer can press the button of a camera and obtain a perfect result.
The reason why advertising industry turned to photography is because it provides a much more accurate perspective on the product than any other means. It is not only used to promote products, but also lifestyles or even concepts. Most of the work of an advertising photographer focuses on managing the images rather than on the process of taking the photos. A professional photographer generally uses a photographic software to process the images.

In order to achieve the highest performances, a commercial photographer may gain a formal education qualification, although this may not be completely necessary. Sometimes, this can be a natural talent for some people. However, the highest is the experience of a photographer, the better will be the results of his work. Most commercial photographers also chose to specialise in a particular field. This can either be fashion, or sport, or furniture and so on.

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