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What are Wheelchairs?

Posted Jan 26, 2015 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 26, 2015 -- Wheelchairs are specially designed chair fitted wheels where the user can manually propel the seats by turning the wheels with hands or where the user can electrically propel the seats by the turning the wheels with the help of a motor or a joy stick. The wheelchairs are designed with handles at the back for helpers to push the wheelchair. People who are physically impaired, or who suffer from various illnesses and do not have the ability to walk and sit uses a wheelchair.
Wheelchair is a very old technology but in the modern century the inventors of first light, collapsible, steel wheelchair were two mechanical engineers and friend Harry Jennings and Herbert Everest in 1933. And since then they have become the mass manufacturers of wheelchairs.
There are various types of wheelchairs. A few of them are as under:
1. Manual wheelchair
2. Electric powered wheelchair
3. Standing wheelchair
4. Sports wheelchair
5. All-terrain wheelchair
6. Other variants of wheelchair
Meaning of Power Wheelchairs
Power Wheelchairs are specially designed wheelchairs not only for those who are physically impaired but are also used by cardiovascular patients. The wheelchair is propelled with the help of an electrical motor. This kind of wheelchairs is used mainly by those people who travel long distance and for whom manually operating a wheelchair could be fatiguing. Electric wheelchairs are combined with style, functionality, comfort, durability, and convenience.
Invention of 1st Electric-powered wheelchair
George Klein invented the first electric-powered wheelchair. He was working for the National Research Council of Canada when he invented this wheelchair, to assist the injured veterans after the Second World War.
Other terms of Power Wheelchairs
Power Wheelchairs are also referred to as Motorized Wheelchair, Electric-powered Wheelchair, Electric Wheelchair, and Power-chair.
Who can use an Electric wheelchair?
Power-chairs or electric wheelchairs are for those users who do not want to use the manual wheelchair. This type of wheelchairs are designed for users who are physically impaired, suffer from pain based impairments or cardio-vascular issues or who find manual wheelchairs fatiguing. Wheelchairs that are operated with motor should only be used if recommended by the doctor you are consulting.
Powered wheelchairs are not only for handicapped people with mobility but can be used even by old people who are involved in a number of social activities and need to do a lot of travelling.
Specifications of an Electric Wheelchair
The specifications of an electric wheelchair are as under:
1. The drive system can either be rear wheeled, or power steering, or front-wheeled, or a direct-driven system.
2. The size of the electric powered wheelchair may approximately be 1070 mm in length, 600mm in width and 900mm in height.
3. The braking system in such a wheelchair is done with the help of a motor generator and a magnetic break.
4. The weight of the electric powered wheelchair including the batteries is approximately 83 kilograms.
5. The control system is electric in nature and can be operated with the help of a joy stick.
6. The electric powered wheelchair may use standard battery as well.
7. Electric powered wheelchairs may also use microprocessor gyroscopic circuitry that would help in rising up the chair on two wheels.
Many of stated models from above can be found at Better Life Mobility Center in San Diego. Visit wheelchair section of their website and choose model right for you at very affordable rate.

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