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What are the components that make up a water heater?

Posted Mar 23, 2015 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 23, 2015 -- The various components that make up a water heater are stated below. More suggestion on different models and water heater types at this online store :
• Tank is the first and most important component of a water heater. The tank is usually metallic with a protective liner to stop rusting due to hot water. The outside cover of the tank is polyurethane in foam in decorative shell.
• Tube is the second important component. The made purpose of this tube is to get water from to the heater. The tube pulls up the cool water to the top of the tank and then flushes it to the heating section of the tank.
• There is a valve in the water heater that flushes out the water and is usually located above the heater.
• The heating pipe is another component that is usually located at the top of the water heaters. This pipe allows the hot water that is produced through the heating process to flush out. This heating pipe is connected to the hot water outlet of the tap which provides us hot water for our domestic usage.
• There is also an anode rod inside the water heater. This rod is suspended in the heating tank to stop corrosion.
• Another important component is the thermostat. This is a temperature controlling device which resembles a thermometer.
What are the advantages of using water heaters?
Stated below are the top five advantages of using water heaters:
1. Firstly, water heaters are eco friendly. They are not responsible for pollution or global warming.
2. Secondly, using water heaters is economical as compared to conventional tankers. These heaters have automatic temperature heating techniques that helps to save electricity once the water gets heated up.
3. Thirdly, when we use these water heaters, we do not run out of water in our household. The water heaters come with tanks that can stored huge litres of water and heat them up instantly.
4. Fourthly, water heaters come along with high and advanced Japanese technology which means we do not have to be alert always as to what happens if the machine is on for a long time or what the correct temperature in which the water has to get heated.
5. Fifthly, the water heaters come in neat and compact structure. Therefore the installation of this heaters do not require a number of people and neither will there be too much hue and cry at home as to where to place them in the home.
What are the different types of water heaters?
The most common types of water heaters are as under:
1. Tankless water heaters - This is the most common type of water heater is usage these days as this type of heater just need minimal space of storage, rather it can be said that they can be hung on the wall. The heaters do not store water rather it is incoming and outgoing process as it has two outlet. The tap water enters through one and the hot water exits through the other.
2. Storage tank water heaters- In storage tank water heaters, the normal tap water is heated up in heated up and is stored in a structure like the tank which can be used any time. The tank usually has a capacity to store 300 plus litres of water at a time.
3. Space and water heating in combination- This is a new age water heater if we consider in that manner. The space and water heating combination uses the natural gas water heaters that gives hot water as well as warms the house.
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