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Weekend retreats are good for health and lifestyle

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by AldoMoore
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 16, 2014 -- Weekends are for fun, frolic and relaxation. Some people enjoy their weekends by partying and others go on weekend trips to faraway locales. Weekends are for relaxation and family bonding. If you consider your group of gal pals to be your family then go out with them on a weekend retreat . A retreat is nothing but escaping from the worries and stress of daily life. You can avoid stress by going away for a day or two. Modern urban dwellers believe in overall wellbeing and fitness. Weekend trips can enhance your good health and you can indulge in healing therapies or spa treatments to recharge yourself. The resorts are offering services for improving health through yoga sessions, outdoor games, breathing technique classes and massage therapies. There are a host of services aimed at improving your lifestyle and health habits. For example some resorts are also offering a chance to urban dwellers to learn cooking healthy meals. Change of surroundings is a refreshing experience for both men and women.

Feel younger and extend your life span

Long back in the historic age people used to travel from one place to another as a part of their social lifestyle. Traveling is still a part of the life of the gypsies. Traveling helps in rediscovering oneself and frees people from the bondage of socio-familial responsibilities. Travelers can be alone with their thoughts and watch the sunset, sipping martini without worrying about the latest project or changing the nappy of the babies. It makes one feel younger and reduces the stress hormones. According to a study conducted by the State University of New York people who travel for leisure at least once have longer lifespan than people who do not travel. Traveling once every year can increase a man’s life span by 20 years.

Weekend retreats are good for mental health

Recently a group of researchers from the Wisconsin University has published a study report that shows that women who travel often do not become depressed and feel more confident. Traveling makes people feel mentally stronger and enhance their capability of coping with stress. In the modern world most people are suffering from anxiety disorder due to soaring levels of stress. To fight stress change of place and relaxation are very necessary. Good mental health is necessary for stable lifestyle and strong relationships.

Bring back the spark in relationships

After having kids, most couples lose the passion for each other and this severely damages their relationship. Many break up and get divorce on the grounds of sexless marriage. To bring back the passion and fervor that you and your partner used to have for each other weekend trips are necessary. Retreats can rejuvenate relationships like none other. Romantic resorts have become very popular among couples who want to revive their relationship.

Empowers women

Who says that women cannot have fun alone? Many self-sufficient women are choosing to visit weekend retreats on their own or with their gal pals. Traveling and vacationing alone makes women happier and more confident. It makes them relax and feel free from the burden of responsibilities.

Schedule weekend retreats at Mission San Luis Rey Retreat center and enjoy best California retreats .

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