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Web fonts: Adding subtlety or swash to the website design

Posted Sep 12, 2014 by tomjones
If visual science is to be believed, then one cannot really ignore the importance of fonts in web designing.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 12, 2014 -- If visual science is to be believed, then one cannot really ignore the importance of fonts in web designing. It is always the font first (that occupies the foreground) and design, (which makes the backdrop) later that works in order to pique interest of the audiences, inspiring them to be readers and later initiating a conversion into buyers, depending on the persuasive potential of your webpage content. Only a script specialist will be able to narrate the significance of web fonts in perfecting a website design. The font styles are what bring a convincing touch to making topography handmade to mechanical. The free web fonts providers always advocate for the right choice of styles in order to maximize readability.

Fonts indeed make a text look good, even when the content is not appealing as it should be. Most website owners prefer to use Google free web fonts to adorn their sites. Though they come for free and are popular as Google products, their usage has lately reduced owing to the lack of too many varieties. Thus, though old Google web fonts are functional across all OS, they do not leave the users with too many choices. Presently, that has been replaced by independently run open sources that have brought to the users variegated font styles that have universal compatibility with all browsers and operating systems.

The free web fonts services are very similar to Google fonts, only that the base is much wider here and the options almost unlimited. The providers of web fonts are of two kinds, viz., paid and free. The free providers have websites wherefrom fonts can be readily downloaded and applied on the websites. The paid kinds are however the same thing, only downloadable against a certain sum of money.

However, before you pick a swash font style, make sure that you’ve checked its relevance with your business in order to be absolutely sure that it will appeal to your target readers. Publishing content in web fonts that will appeal to the tastes of your readers is important. However, the good news is that unlike other sources that have a good collection of attractive fonts that are incompatible with most browsers and OS, these ones can be read by all. So, whether your audiences choose to open the browser in Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome (in latest or older versions), they’ll be able to view as it is. However, if you are still doubtful, you can always make a comparative study by opening the websites in two browsers, say Explorer and Safari to notice the differences. These fonts are normally supported by all browsers and they function fully in different operating systems. The fonts are designed to look natural and have discreet flourishes, especially on the capital letters. If you wish to cut out the excess flamboyance, and bring about a touch of subtlety in the look, then you can choose from the fonts that are downbeat. Use of too flashy texts against a demure backdrop will add too much of dramatization in the topography, something visitors do not look forward to.

Visit us to know all about web fonts and take a look at our gallery. We offer free web fonts to online users that are compatible with different web browsers.
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Last Updated : Sep 12, 2014

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