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Want more comfort at home? Acquire Stressless or Fjords furniture

Posted May 24, 2014 by sorewoods
There are thousands of furniture companies out there which can deliver you home furniture, but only a few can manage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 24, 2014 -- There are thousands of furniture companies out there which can deliver you home furniture, but only a few can manage to give you the best combination of comfort, style and functionality. Two of the most renowned brands on the furniture market are Stressless and Fjords. Both deliver quality products in all major countries of the world.
Let’s discuss about Stressless first. This is a special line of luxury furniture addressed to people who want to live a healthy life. Can furniture really improve your health? The answer of this Norwegian company is ‘Yes!’. Good furniture can make a difference in your health, particularly if you spend a lot a time sitting down. If your work at the office requires sitting, you must know what prolonged sitting does to your body: it causes back pain, neck pain, numbness and insufficient oxygenation of your body. The biggest concern is that an inappropriate position or a bad chair can trigger problems to the spinal cord, putting too much weight on it and damaging the vertebrae. You will agree that no one wants to have these health problems. You can avoid such complications (at least to some extent) by using a recliner. Stressless recliners are designed to optimally sustain the lumbar area and some models even come with a head tilt, so that you can read and watch TV comfortably without experiencing neck pain.
Just like Stressless furniture designs, Fjords furniture is built ergonomically. The two companies creating these lines of products have one thing in common: the care for your everyday comfort. Fjords manufacturers aim to create durable and solid designs which can adapt to the individual using this furniture. For this company, it’s the people who make the products special and not otherwise. Fjords furniture must first of all provide comfort, but at the same time it must be functional - and, depending on the type of furniture, multifunctional. Also, the designers care a lot about the design aspect of their furniture. Fjords furniture takes its inspiration from nature, from wilderness and the particularities of Norway’s terrain. If nature is generous, then Fjords offers generous comfort; if nature is robust, Fjords offers solid furniture for people who prefer quality and longevity. Moreover, another thing that makes their products special is the systems they integrate in their furniture, systems designed to sustain the body optimally. Lower back support, as we mentioned earlier, is a feature you will find in all Fjords recliners and other similar items.
The two lines of furniture are an excellent choice if you want to invest in quality products that will last you a long time. The companies use only the best natural materials in their designs, with a preference for beech wood and leather. There are some exceptional designs you can check online. They have it all: sofas, recliners, ottomans, swing relaxers, chairs and a whole range of accessories. Pick any item you want: you’ll find that they’re all comfortable and relaxing.

Fjords furniture is only matched in comfort and durability by the Stressless brand. Both options are exceptional if you’re looking for comfortable luxury furniture.
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Last Updated : May 24, 2014

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