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Various Raspberry Pi 2 projects

Posted Mar 14, 2015 by benanderson
There are many things that we can do with a Raspberry Pi, and the new version two comes with more USB ports, more

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 14, 2015 -- There are many things that we can do with a Raspberry Pi, and the new version two comes with more USB ports, more RAM memory, as well as a quad core processor. If there was ever something that couldn’t be done either because it required more power from the unit or better performance, then those things will run with ease on the second version. Even complete beginners can get started with a Raspberry Pi 2 kit that includes all they need for most of the basic projects.

It can be interesting to find out that the prediction regarding the number of sales that the Raspberry Pi would enjoy was ten thousand units. We can assume that the developer probably gave himself an optimistic prediction so that number probably seemed generous to him. Fortunately for him and for all the computer nerds that learned only now about the Raspberry Pi 2, which was launched in February 2015, the product was a complete success. It was so successful in fact that all the units were sold within the first week, and all the locomotion created by the buyers left many distributor websites in ruin, literally unable to deal with all the demands. The number of sales in the first year surpassed the one million mark, being somewhere above six million right now. of course, the new Raspberry Pi 2 kit will be in high demand, but the suppliers will be able to deal with all the demands.

What can we expect in terms of performance from the brand new Raspberry Pi 2? Of course, ever since the launch of this piece of technology, which has since been known as the world's smallest computer, other improved versions were released. The most notable and probably most sold was the Raspberry Pi Model B which had more USB ports and also enjoyed an Ethernet connection as well as double the amount of RAM. It certainly was an improvement over the first version, and still remained very affordable. However, the true core of the unit was not changed, at least not until th release of the second version. Anyone that feared that the smallest computer in the world would not be good enough for thei specific projects performance wise can now rest assured that this problem was at least partly taken care of and ordering a Raspberry Pi 2 kit should be mandatory.

What can we expect from the new Raspberry Pi 2 when it comes to its performance? Compared to the old single core processor used by the first models, which runs at a frequency of 700 mHz, the new processor used in the version two is a quad core operating at a frequency of 900 mHz. Certainly, the processor is not new, not by any means as we find it in older generation mobile phones. However, compared to the CPU used by the older models it outperforms it by almost six times. That is certainly a worthwhile improvement all by itself, and a much needed one as well. However, even with the added RAM memory that now reaches 1 GB, the performance of the device depends on the applications that we are running. Therefore, before purchasing a Raspberry Pi 2 kit thinking that our specific projects will benefit from the added processing power we should make some tests whether that will be so.

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