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Using cheapest archeage gold Gearing Up to Farm Tokens for ArcheAge Hasla Weapons

Posted Oct 29, 2014 by fifapal
Using cheapest archeage gold Gearing Up to Farm Tokens for ArcheAge Hasla Weapons

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 29, 2014 -- Gearing up is one thing must do for just beginning to hit LV50 players, and get good equipment for end-game PVP or Dungeons. So where you can get some awesome gear first? Doing the quests in Hasla and Karkasse Ridgelands to get award randomized gear, farm Hasla Weapons, Kroloal Cradel, Great Howling Abyss dungeon and Craftted your gear.

While the Hasla Weapons is the way to go, how to get Hasla weapons? First you need farm tokens. Believe many players still spend a lot of time to farming for tokens, now safewow would share the fast way farm Tokens for Hasla weapons in ArcheAge you need know.
It's basically just hundreds of players all trying to get the first hit on single spawning mobs for various tokens in south-east Hasla. If you get the first hit on a mob, you get the loot, regardless of your total damage.
The mobs have a 20-30% chance to drop a token, and there are 6 different types of Tokens, and you need 650 of 1 type to get your weapon. Faded = 150 tokens (Rare), Brilliant = 200 tokens (Arcane), Eternal = 300 tokens (Heroic). Meaning that once you get 150 tokens, you can craft your blue Hasla weapon and wait for future updates before using more tokens to further upgrade the blue T1 into a pink T2 and ultimately the orange T3.
How to fast farm Tokens?

1. Good luck trying this solo, first you need to group up, then hope your group can get the first hit and all want different tokens, and then you have to hope you win the roll. Alternatively you can collect all 6 tokens, and with 6 gold craft them into the 5 tokens that you need. But before that happens: you have to hope your faction does not PK you, you have to avoid death from opposing faction, you group needs to hit the mob first, you need to win the roll.
2. Make sure you cover a small section of the map. Learn where the mobs spawn and camp the heck out of it.
3. Tag by using instant debuff abilities, like purge.
4. Avoid primetime, especially peacetime. Best time to do Hasla farming is in the morning, after the nightowls have gone to bed and before the rest of humanity wakes up.
5. Try just farming the rifts every 4 hours. They drop 30 tokens a pop. A good rift you can get 100 tokens in 20 min. my whole guild got most of the weapons needed in under a week. This was done by just going to the rifts with 4-8 people.
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Last Updated : Oct 29, 2014

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