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Uses of a polypropylene suture .

Posted Mar 27, 2015 by juanoliv3
A polypropylene suture, just like a PDS suture, is a surgical device made from polymers that have the purpose of holding together tissue parts during surgery.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 27, 2015 -- A polypropylene suture, just like a PDS suture, is a surgical device made from polymers that have the purpose of holding together tissue parts during surgery. They can be used to stitch any type of internal or external organ, including blood vessels, stomach, liver, intestines and skin.

Surgery is the practice of operating a patient to improve their surgical condition. This practice is performed by professionals known as surgeons. These are helped in their tasks by surgical nurses, assistants, anesthesia specialists and other staff.

In general, surgery is well programmed, so that the patient knows exactly the date and time when his or her operation will occur. However, there are some emergency situations that require immediate surgery and that take place once a patient is brought to the hospital, or even before, in an ambulance or at their place.

All patients that experience some type of surgery also go through what doctors call “a suture”, meaning the process of stitching tissue with specific threads made from polyester, polypropylene, nylon monofilament, and silk. For this operation, the surgeon uses a certain needle, depending on the part of the body that will be surgically worked on.

Ethicon and CP Medical are the most popular manufacturers of sutures. Their products are equally mastered and recognized for their high-quality. To buy sutures from one of these two companies, those interested can visit their official websites or contact an authorized reseller.

This stitching can be performed with the help of a polypropylene suture or PDS suture. Polypropylene is a polymer used not only in the surgical world, but also to manufacture packaging and garments. PDS is also a polymer, known as polydioxanone; it gets degraded by hydrolysis and is mainly used to manufacture biomedical devices, especially sutures.

To stitch a patient, surgeons use straight or circular needles. Needles perform basically the same function as the needles used for stitching fabrics; they feature a hole or an eye at one end, through which surgeons pass a thread. Surgical needles are always sterilized.

With that thread, they stitch various organs that have been cut for a surgical intervention. Threads do not come in the same package as needles, but they can be purchased from the same supplier of surgical equipment. Threads are divided into absorbable and non-absorbable threads.

While most patients prefer absorbable threads, some surgical conditions require non-absorbable stitches. These non-absorbable sutures are removed several weeks after the procedure. In general, the removal is accompanied by pain, if no anesthetic is provided.

Absorbable threads are mainly used for internal organs and non-absorbable sutures for skin issues. Whatever their level of absorbability, sutures are indispensable to a surgery. They always take place at the end of the intervention and are designed to approach tissue or organs.

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