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Useful guide to using Player Position Change and fifa 15 coins Trading Method

Posted Mar 16, 2015 by fifapal
Useful guide to using Player Position Change and fifa 15 coins Trading Method

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 16, 2015 -- The player position trading method is a method that isn’t very popular, because of its complexity. People think that it is really hard to make fifa 15 coins via this method, but that doesn’t mean that this method doesn’t work. Quite the opposite if you ask me, because this is one of my favourite method.
Basically, there are only two requirements when it comes to this trading method:
1. You need to have at least 50.000 coins (althought it can be done with less, it’s not recommended).
2. You need some time to find the right players and position change cards.

How to do this method?
First, you need to go to the transfer market and look for a striker or CAM with very good stats. Players you might find are Jovetic, Sturridge, Doumbia or other hidden gems that aren’t too expensive. After you have found players that satisfy the requirements, you need to search the market for these players on different positions. You could try to find a CDM/CM version of Jovetic. In most cases, there are only one or two of these cards on the market. Generally, the CDM versions of striker cards are very expensive and if that’s the case, you can make some good coins with this method. Just buy the striker version of the card you want to transform to a CDM version. Then you need to buy the position change cards and you need to convert it to the CDM position. This will cost some coins, but after you have done that, you can ask a lot of coins for the CDM version of the striker you bought.

How much coins can you make?
That depends on the player prices of course, but I think you could make around 30.000 coins in an hour if you do this method well. You need some coins to invest in players and position change cards, but if you have bought some players and you have listed them up on the market, you will sell them sooner rather than later. Try to make a good profit on every player, but keep in mind that you need to sell them for less then others. Otherwise, you won’t sell it.
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Last Updated : Mar 16, 2015

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