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Types of wall decals

Posted Mar 1, 2014 by tedmark
Wall decals, or wall stickers, are items that can transfer an image to a wall. Decals can be used on other surfaces, as well, as long as the surface is smooth and clean.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 1, 2014 -- Wall decals, also known as wall stickers, are items that allow users to transfer removable images to a wall. In most cases, they are made of vinyl, and can be easily applied and removed, without affecting the wall where they are placed.

Decals can be used to enhance the appearance of your room, giving it a unitary look. Such items can be manufactured in very large sizes, not like other products that can improve the atmosphere in a room, such as a painting or mirror.

Wall decals can cover entire walls, just like wallpapers made from fabrics. The advantage of vinyl decals over textile wallpapers is that vinyl decals let the wall breathe better and can be much more easily applied and removed.

Generally, people select wall stickers to decorate their walls because they can provide the same visual appeal as a textile wallpaper, without the cost of such product. Moreover, vinyl stickers are easier to maintain and clean.

A highly popular type of decals is represented by those that add to the aesthetics of one's home or office and create an attractive design. Why bother combining decorations, works of art, or pieces of furniture to obtain a great look, when you can install a wall decal and change the entire look of the room?

Decals that are used to decorate entire walls usually feature abstract designs, or repeated patterns like stars, dots, circles, triangles, letters, lips, trees and others. Decals designed for children's bedrooms may feature nature scenes, images of cartoon characters, cars, fairies, or customized designs.

Besides decals that can cover an entire wall, regardless of its size, some other type of decals are also manufactured. Such decals are cut to represent exactly the image they feature. This means that a decal showcasing the image of a tree is cut exactly as a tree and can be applied on a wall or any other smooth surface, or on a previously installed and much larger decal.

Another popular type of decals is the one that allows children to express their creativity by drawing anything they want on the walls of their bedroom, and that let adults, at the same time, communicate in an unusual way with one another.

This type of decals is represented by chalkboard decals, which are an interesting play space for the children in the house, and an innovative way of interacting with your family or employees, in case the chalkboard decal is used at the office.

Chalkboard decals are a good addition to any party, as well, because it allows guests and hosts alike to play games on the chalkboard, draw, or perform any other activity that involves creativity and a blackboard.

Looking for an impressive piece of decoration for your living room, a way to cover up the stains on your bedroom wall, or a new "toy" for your children? A wall sticker is the solution. Enter our page and choose the wall decals or wall stickers that you like. We have a large variety of stickers that can be placed in any room and applied on virtually any surface, so do not wait any longer and order your sticker today.
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