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Two Popular Beverages Inebriating the Alcohol Enthusiasts

Posted Mar 8, 2014 by gailblack
One of the most delightful drinks that can be served in a wide variety of occasions is the cocktail. Cocktails are alcohol based drinks that made using more than two ingredients.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 8, 2014 -- One of the most delightful drinks that can be served in a wide variety of occasions is the cocktail. Cocktails are alcohol based drinks that made using more than two ingredients, one of which has to be the base spirit. These special preparations like the hurricane drink and the dirty martini can add a lot of color to any party.

“Hurricane” is a very popular part of the English lexicon in New Orleans, the largest metropolitan city in the state of Louisiana. It not only applies to the natural phenomenon, but also to the cocktail recipe that originated here sometime before the World War II.

Most of New Orleans lies at an altitude below the sea level. This is the reason why people of the city are always potentially threatened by hurricanes. Named after the calamity by the ones who first tasted it, the drink was instantly a hit.

Pat O’Brien, the bar owner at 718 St Peter Street, is hailed as the creator of the hurricane drink. According to a survey, about 95% of people that visit New Orleans for the first time pay a visit to his bar Pat Obrien’s. Facts aside, there is a very interesting story behind the invention of the drink. Whenever O’Brien bought liquor from the city distributors, the latter made it a point to make him buy locally prepared rum before he could purchase other high quality spirits like whiskey or scotch. The local made rum would be of low quality and selling it was difficult. Thus, in a bid to sell this rum, Pat prepared a drink with it. He mixed dark rum, white rum and a few fruit juices along with regular sugar syrup to complete the preparation.

The drink clicked and at once became immensely popular with the sailors. Over the years, there have been slight modifications in the ingredients, their proportions in the drink and methods of garnishing. However, the popularity graph of this drink has never shown a dip.

The Hurricane Glass

The hurricane drink is generally served in a 600ml glass tumbler called the hurricane glass. Named after its hurricane lamp-like appearance, this glass is taller and wider than most other alcohol drink ware. Though the glass is also used for serving preparations like Singapore Sling and Blue Hawaii, it holds a distinct connection with the hurricane cocktail.

The hurricane preparation is also served in disposable plastic cups. But the old lovers of the drink have a proclivity to nag if they don’t find it in the hurricane glass.

The Dry Martini Cocktail

Originating more than over a hundred years ago, the martini is a classic drink that has over the course of time, gained popularity in almost all parts of the world. The Martini today comes in many variants that are popular in their own right. Made with vodka or gin as the base, generally dry vermouth is added to it. Owing to the addition of dry vermouth, it is called also dry martini. It is also one of the major spring drinks of the world.

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