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Transformer Oil Regeneration with GlobeCore Equipment

Posted Jul 21, 2014 by GlobeCore
Their function is not only to remove aging products from oil, but also protection of the transformer from ambient conditions.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jul 21, 2014 -- During operation transformer oil accumulates various contaminants, which degrade its performance and must be removed. Aging products can be removed continuously while operating the transformer, or from time to time, when oil performance drops to critical levels.

In practice, transformers are outfitted with special devices. Their function is not only to remove aging products from oil, but also protection of the transformer from ambient conditions. Adsorbers and thermosiphon filters are the most common of these. Such devices contain surfactants which capture moisture and oil aging products.

In most cases, adsorbers and thermosiphon filters are filled with large pore sorbents. These can be of natural (diatomite, gumbrine etc) and synthetic (silica gel mostly) origins.

Natural sorbents are inexpensive and can be replaced when exhausted. Synthetic sorbents are more costly, therefore, they should only be used when sorbent reactivation and reuse is possible.

Among the small pore sorbents zeolites are the most common, although their industrial application has been limited so far due to scarcity of natural deposits.

Efficiency of transformer oil regeneration can be increased by using small and large pore sorbents in thermosiphon and adsorption filters. Filters are filled so as to make the product pass through small pore sorbent followed by large pore sorbent.

Small pore sorbent takes up a third of the filter’s volume, and its quantity is 0.8 – 1.25% of the amount of oil in the transformer.

Loading of the adsorbent into the filter is preceded by sifting to remove dust and small fractions. There are regulations concerning adsorbent moisture content, which must not exceed 0.5% by weight.

To test the adsorbent in operation, oil analysis results are used. If acidity, dissipation factor or water soluble acid content have significantly increased, this means that the adsorbent is becoming exhausted and must be changed.

GlobeCore offers a unique solution for transformer oil regeneration. The CMM-R plant can extend the lifetime of transformers by restoring the oil’s dielectric strength and chemical composition. This system’s most important feature is the ability to remove products of oil degradation and acids, improve color, increase oxidation stability, reduce the ability to solve gases both in online and offline transformers.

Another important feature of the CMM-R is the Fuller’s earth adsorbent, which can be reactivated many times over. This feature allows to process oil continuously, without the need to stop and replace the adsorbent media.
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