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Top Tips for Easily Gainning ArcheAge Thunderstruck Trees with instant archeage gold

Posted Nov 7, 2014 by fifapal
Top Tips for Easily Gainning ArcheAge Thunderstruck Trees with instant archeage gold

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 7, 2014 -- Thunderstruck Tree is rare snd useful logs to craft in ArcheAge.How to form Thunderstruck Trees? This cracked and burnt tree was clearly struck by lightning. To obtain Thunderstruck Trees, you need to Labor Points to plant trees; then it is lucky enough of that The trees are by lightning.
Obviously, the key to gaining Thunderstruck Trees is to the struck by lightning possibility. There are some top tips to let the trees you plants easily be struck by lightning in the ArcheAge world.

1. You can build a farm in the northern continent of Auroria.

2. If you want to gain Thunderstruck Trees, don’t plant fruit trees. When fruit trees start to bear, they can have little chance to be struck by lightning.

3. You should select trees who have long growing or mature period, because Trees are often struck by lightning in the growing or mature period. According to the experience of most of players who gain Thunderstruck Trees , the pine tree is a good choice to turn to Thunderstruck Trees, because of its long growing period.

4.If you have done the things above, you just need wait for lightning coming. Good Luck!

5.Once you find your tree to turn Thunderstruck Trees, please harvest them in time, or they may be harvested by others.
ArcheAge Trion has open and update the ArcheAge version 1.2 build 4.14 patch notes, it is very excited things for ArcheAge fans! But, this is also a troublesome that "The Gods Have Disconnected You!" after you update the game, even more some accounts also have banned.
Believe many players still disconnect and can not access the game before character selection like me, through the Trion has been working on this disconnection issue and trying to fix it. We restarted, uninstalled, reinstalled, still exist this problem. OK, here is the Force-Disconnection Following Update to Build 4.14 you need know.

Of course, we also know that there are some players have entered the game and Auroria continent, it is so lucky. Below is the players in a part of Auroria land, and continue to have players landed this land, it is so stressful to grab a land.
But, the question is, there are bots has instant grabbed the entire 3 zone within 5 seconds! Are you believe it? Crazy, all the house plots were taken by bots in all 3 zones. So, some people are complaining that bots got all the land and hope Trion can ROLL BACK the servers to before Auroria. But it is impossible that the Scapes manager has made clear that "It's not waht many players want to hear, but we do not plan on rolling back the servers at this time!"
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Last Updated : Nov 7, 2014

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