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Top 10 coolest Unknown NPCs in WOW with 8% off buy cheap wow gold from safe

Posted Feb 13, 2015 by wowapple
The Ten Coolest Unknown NPCs In World of Warcraft. cheap wow gold us and wow garrison hot sale at with 8% discount code:, fast delivery guaranteed!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 13, 2015 -- Azeroth is full of great characters everyone's familiar with, like Thrall, Jaina, or returning NPCs like Brann Bronzebeard or Nat Pagle. But some of the best storylines are hidden deep in Azeroth, and if you're not exploring everything with both factions, reading every quest along the way, it's easy to miss out. cheap wow gold us and wow garrison hot sale at with 8% discount code:, fast delivery guaranteed!

Nixxiom collected ten of these minor NPCs in WoW. Some of them are part of a long quest chain or have interesting backstories, some of them are just simply funny easter eggs.

Here's all ten of them featured in the video:1

Watcher Tolwe, an important crew member of zeppelin "The Zephyr" connecting Orgrimmar with Thunder Bluff
Ahab Wheathoof in Thunder Bluff2
Dar'khan Drathir
Zenn Foulhoof
Fallen Hero of the Horde in the Swamp of Sorrows3
Maximillian of Northshire4
Lyalia and Lorekeeper Vaeldrin5
Cap'n Placeholder6
Gunther Arcanus

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Below are comments on Ten Coolest Unknown NPCs In World of Warcraft from gamers

One of the reasons I will never play WoW is the goofy NPCs. I mean...Cap'n Placeholder?? Really? Those sorts of thinks would break the immersion for me. - aaron84

Also it's the opposite for me. I love the fact that Blizzard puts a lot of references inside their games. They've always been the company to do it, and I love it when they do things like that. - Friskyrum

Cap'n Placeholder was the way to travel across continents back in Alpha and Beta before the boat system was in place. It's a nostalgic throwback for old timers. - Jilkon

Ahab Wheathoof is known to pretty much anyone who's actively played WoW over the years - but on first read, the majority of these don't ring a bell with me so, guess they got it spot on. - BestInSlot

I played it on and off since beta, very actively for the first half, and I've never heard of this guy. I think you assume everyone played both factions. - blae

I've played primarily Alliance since I started, you don't need to have run into Ahab to know who he is, the story of his character and the kid and everything was all over the internet. - BestInSlot

I actually didn't know about him, and I had 80+ days played at level 60 in original WoW. Cap'n Placeholder is ze best. - Flaeor

I played it from launch until Wrath and I have no idea who he is. - Moonshadow Kati aka Lady Locksmith

Harrison Jones is kinda missing. OK, he's popular, any everybody knows him, so he doesn't really fit the list, but I still think he should be mentioned when you talk about WoW NPCs.Also, what about Linken? Is he that well known too? Or did they remove him from the game? - Greg the Mad

Pretty sure they removed Linken, Lario, and Muigi from Un'goro crater after the Cataclysm. That whole zone was basically a homage to NES/Nintendo - bob3rt

seeing as this is a list of unknown NPC's, and I've only played bootleg wow back in 2005 for all of an hour, and even I know who Harrison Jones He shouldn't have been mentioned. He'd go on a post for pop culture and references. - Idontevenlift

I wouldn't really consider Maximillion if you arn't going to consider Johnny Awesome as well. They both have pretty much the same visibility.Although Maximillion's attempt to save the maiden on the cliff gets me every time. - klmekaro

Alexstrasza had her own share of abuse during the Second War being forced to breed mounts for the Dragonmaw Clan. No wonder she wanted vengeance when Malygos took her daughter. - Corleone

Everyone seems to remember Captain Placeholder, but no one ever mentions his counterpart on Kalimdor: Captain Noteo ("Captain Not EO", as a reference to Captain EO of Michael Jackson and Disney fame).- Brand Silven

the orc and human you talk to engage Death wing's back acne fight in Dragon Soul raid. Point Break reference. - Jesterbomb

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