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Tools for watch repairs Merseyside

Posted Sep 19, 2014 by johnybfre
Watch repairs Merseyside or watch repairs Liverpool may differ, but all of them require some general tools designed for watch repairs.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Sep 19, 2014 -- Regardless of the operation that needs to be performed in order to repair a watch, watchmakers use basically the same tools. It is true that some tools are more specific, depending on the procedure that is being undertaken, still, most operations require these following tools: screwdrivers, hammers, magnifiers, gauges, tweezers, pin removers and cutters.

Screwdrivers designed for watch repairs Merseyside or watch repairs Liverpool are small tools that help watchmakers turn or remove screws simply by rotating the screwdriver. These tools present a handle and a shaft, and are simple mechanical tools, or are electrically powered. Screwdrivers come in a large range of sizes and are probably the most common tools for watch repairs.

Just like the screwdrivers designed for watch repairs, hammers, too, are, in general, small, to accommodate various watches. As their larger siblings, hammers used for watch repairs are used to hit strong parts or surfaces. An example of using a hammer for a watch repair is the gentle hit of the back case of a watch, after being open for repair, or verifications.

Watches are small products, so there is no wonder that watchmakers need magnifiers to repair them. A magnifier, or a loupe, as it is also known, is a device that helps people see small things much better. Such tools are used by specialists to identify faults in watches and then repair them, or to simply assemble or disassemble watch components.

Gauges are measurement tools used to display the width, length, or height of a watch part. They are used when a component replacement is in order, and when the dimensions of the component that has to be replaced are not known exactly. The new component that would replace the damaged one must have the exact dimensions as the old component, to provide a perfect fit.

Tweezers are small tools used by watchmakers to pick up watch parts that are difficult to handle by the human hand. Tweezers used for watch repairs are very similar to those used by women to pluck their hair from the eyebrows. Just like screwdrivers, they come in a large variety of sizes, but they are almost always made of metal.

Other common tools used for watch repairs Merseyside or watch repairs Liverpool are pin removers. These tools are needed when a watch band has to be elongated or tightened. Pins are those small and thin bars that hold metal watch band components in position. Pin removers are used not only for watch band adjustments, but also in cleaning operations.

Cutters are again used for watch bands, but not for those made of metal, but of leather or vinyl. They are perfect for cutting loose watch straps. Together with screwdrivers, magnifiers, gauges, pin removers, tweezers and hammers, cutters help watchmakers repair or just modify watches to a certain level that makes them perfect for their wearers.

Looking for a battery or strap replacement for your watch? Or perhaps for a full restoration of your grandma’s old watch? No matter your reason, you can contact us for any type of watch repairs Merseyside and watch repairs Liverpool .
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Last Updated : Sep 19, 2014

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