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Tips on oil painting

Posted Dec 9, 2014 by tomjones
Do you want to express your personality and experiences through your paintings? As long as you are talented,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 9, 2014 -- A painter is an artist that uses paint, brushes, canvases and others to create images, present abstract notions or life situations and generate emotions. They know oil painting techniques, how and when to use them, are familiar with a plethora of painting tools and accessories, and identify what people may search for in terms of art.

Artists usually have their head in the clouds, that is why they face a challenge in selling themselves, their products or services. You, too, probably know a lot of artists that were not popular in their lifetime, but became extremely popular after their death, or artists that faded into obscurity and stayed there for their entire life, and even after it.

To be an artist and also successful is pretty difficult. Thankfully, today, with the advantages provided by the Internet, we can all find a market and sell our products or services. Creativity is much more appreciated today than in the past, and the existing technologies allow us to become more creative by the day. At the same time, they help us promoting ourselves much better.

Let us say that you are an aspiring painter who has the needed talent, knows a few oil painting techniques and has the required tools and materials to paint. If you want to be successful, first you have to be original. There are many artists out there, each of them trying to be more successful than others. To really stand out, you have to paint like no other.

Studies show that art consumers are more interested in seeing landscapes, flowers, or abstract images on their walls or desks. So painting landscapes seems like a good step to success, but how can you be successful in a world where most artists paint landscapes? Would it not be better to consider painting something else, or paint just a tiny fragment of a landscape like a path or a tree?

Another tip that can help you become more self-confident is to paint as often as you can. Reading books, watching tutorials, or listening to professional painters who have a long experience can help you, as well, but no book, tutorial, or painter would ever tell you what technique to choose to paint a certain image or another one. You are the only one who can understand what technique or techniques represent your painting style and which of them works better when painting flowers or people.

Oil painting is a procedure that must be very well understood before being applied. The way an oil painter uses their brushes on a canvas is soft, delicate, and the result is a painting that must be handled with care. For exhibitions or to send an oil painting to a buyer, painters need to use appropriate packaging methods to protect their art. The best way to protect a painting during transport is to ship it inside a wooden crate.

Do you want to learn more about oil painting and improve your oil painting techniques ? Please visit our website and get ready to start thinking like a true oil painter and paint better.
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Last Updated : Dec 9, 2014

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