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Time to Review Your Workplace Security - A Wake-up Call

Posted Jan 13, 2015 by borerpr
Changes in the nature of security threats facing many organisations are forcing them to review their security arrangements. Rob Chapman of Borer, a UK-based access control company puts the case for using high secure access control for commercial buildings

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 13, 2015 -- The repercussions of recent events together with the subsequent fallout have put workplace security in the spotlight. What is clear is that the workplace freedom, we once took for granted, have been thrown into question making the review of existing security systems and procedures necessary. Following recent events security systems and procedures need to be re-assessed.

Borer Mantrap technology is used in safety and security critical applications where not only access authority but also positive proof of identity is required before granting access.

An automated Mantrap is a physical access control solution comprising of a space between two interlocking doors. One door must be closed and locked before the second door is permitted to open. Access authentication is validated using multiple factors of authentication including: - something you own (a smartcard), something you are (biometric identification such as fingerprint) and/or something you know (a PIN code).

When a person or group of people enter a mantrap from the outer door, both doors are secured. The Borer system then uses a three-dimensional optical imaging camera to count the number of people inside the mantrap. Each person inside the mantrap is required to register with smartcard, biometric and optional PIN. Only when the identities of all occupants have been positively verified and their access credentials checked is passage permitted.

Mantraps have traditional been used in places like data centres to protect information and property. They can also be employed to protect people. This has been of particular relevance in the Middle East. But now with ever rising threat levels, mantraps should be considered for deployment other areas where allowing the wrong person to gain access can be the difference between life and death.

BORER design and manufacture market-leading access control, attendance management and alarm monitoring hardware and software. The company consistently strive to innovate within the market sector in which they operate. BORER has committed to a 'Clean Design' policy which ensures that its products are highly energy-efficient; have low environmental impact during manufacture, and consume the minimum amount of materials. For more information on BORER, please visit
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