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The wonderful art Dubai now online

Posted Nov 21, 2014 by tedmark
Contemporary art collectors are increasingly skipping the first-hand physical experience of viewing art Dubai in galleries, and buying “sight unseen” through internet images.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 21, 2014 -- Contemporary art collectors are increasingly skipping the first-hand physical experience of viewing art Dubai in galleries, and buying “sight unseen” through internet images. The exponential development in technology over the last two decades—namely, the Internet—has had a profound effect on the way we act and react upon the world. In the early 90s, consumers were understandably hesitant when online shopping became a thing. Questions of privacy and security were at the heart of this hesitance. That fear is now long gone.

The truth is online galleries are far from equal when it comes to quality of service or selection of artists. Some have systems of selection that resemble a jury process; others accept any artist who applies. If you are in an online gallery with thousands of other artists, you are likely to get lost in the crowd. Stay away from the sites that promise to be the largest online gallery in the world. Many of these sites make more money from artist listings than they do from art sales. But, there are innovators in the field, like the first art gallery online in Dubai, who can make you change your mind. It is true that there is more art Dubai sold online than most bricks and mortar art galleries Dubai sell in a year. And that happens because it's because of a huge international audience, a lot of work and a team of curators making sure very good work rises to the fore.

More art Dubai is now being viewed online than as originals and, with more and more art galleries Dubai showcasing online rather than on walls, is the importance of a physical gallery being lost? Some experts say that even before the online galleries era, a majority of the art galleries Dubai sales happened at art fairs, not in the galleries.

With all this competition from online, big retailers and even the increasing number of restaurants and cafes selling art Dubai, could it be the case that the physical gallery ever vanishes? Most professionals don’t think so simply because there’s going to be even more need for people to explain what really is good.

People are more comfortable than ever purchasing products based on images, and the Internet offers unparalleled selection and convenience. Many people don’t think that online galleries will replace traditional brick-and-mortar art galleries Dubai. Instead, there are many more people owning original art who would not have had the option in the past, or who would have been intimidated by the gallery world.

What an artist needs to understand is that a good gallery, either a traditional one or an online one, will be their advocate and business partner. They will work to manage their career and help them raise their status and prices. While some artists will prefer to work with an artist-run cooperative gallery or a traditional brick-and-mortar gallery, the first art gallery online in Dubai available offers artists a new way to get better known and sell work.

Enjoy some of the amazing art Dubai without leaving the comfort of your own house. You won’t be bothered by the crowds that you usually find in art galleries Dubai and you can have your pick of the incredible art you wish to have displayed on your walls.
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Last Updated : Nov 21, 2014

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