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The New Slogan of Online Gambling: Bet with BTC!

Posted Apr 15, 2014 by tedmark
It wasn’t all that long ago that bitcoins, commonly abbreviated “btc” came into existence. For people who are not aware, a visit to a quirky local ice cream shop

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 15, 2014 -- It wasn’t all that long ago that bitcoins, commonly abbreviated “btc” came into existence. For people who are not aware, a visit to a quirky local ice cream shop in your neighborhood would reveal a small note at the bottom of their menu: “We accept bitcoins!” If you have no idea what it means, it is time to find out quickly. It is, in short, a new form of global, digital currency. At the same moment, the bitcoin movement is revolutionizing online gambling, allowing people to ditch conventional currency and bet btc. Today, after only a few short years, people virtually everywhere can bet with btc and have a safe, simple online gambling experience.

Online gambling has a turbulent history due to fraud and tax issues. When bitcoins became popular after their introduction in 2009, it didn’t take long for people to imagine how they could simplify online gambling. If customers could bet with btc, they would not have to worry about currency exchanges or dealing with banks or wire transfers. It did not take long for millions of people around the world to latch onto the idea: bet btc.

It is worth asking the question: will this first step, allowing people to bet with btc, have larger, positive implications for the global economy? It could. Imagine a world where you do not have to go to a bank or stop at a border crossing to exchange currency when you travel. You could simply access your bitcoin account and use it to pay at places like the ice cream shop. If it catches on and people start to make real tourism income using bitcoins, you can bet btc will be accepted at many more places in short order.

So far, online casinos that allow patrons to bet with btc have been doing it right. They keep their odds algorithms fair and oftentimes fairly public, and they benefit from the fact that bitcoins have built-in transparency in the form of centralized ledgers where transactions, though encrypted, are partially publicly viewable and overseen by digital guardians of the global bitcoin market. Digital casinos that allow patrons to bet btc know that they have latched onto a medium of exchange that allows for fairness and accountability, a currency that people can trust.

People like to gamble. It can be a lot of fun. But many of us do not live near casinos, and plane tickets can be expensive. Online casinos that require a credit card to play are always somewhat risky. While you may trust the casino itself not to abuse your personal information, how can you guarantee that the site won’t be hacked? Wouldn’t it be far better to bet btc and trust that your money is safe and secure on a gambling site that is so straightforward that it tells you how it calculated odds yesterday and lets you virtually shuffle poker and blackjack decks whenever you want? So say it loud and proud, it’s time for everyone to bet with btc.

While bitcoins were not even in existence not so long ago in the past, nowadays bet with btc is a popular slogan especially in the online community. To be able to bet btc safely and securely, you need to explore all aspects pertaining to it so that the deal works in your favor in every way.
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Last Updated : Apr 15, 2014

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