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The Most Popular Cool Stuff for Guys

Posted Apr 17, 2014 by johnybfre
Kickstarter projects are very popular because of their innovative features and we can see why people are looking forward to learning more about them.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 17, 2014 -- Kickstarter projects are very popular because of their innovative features and we can see why people are looking forward to learning more about them. Nowadays there are five most popular projects that are also Cool stuff for guys and these are: ring, The Dash, Fuel 3D, Structure Sensor and Power up 3.0. These are the most popular topics these days and they are even mentioned in Technology News. Most people are eager to learn more about them and they browse the Internet regularly to see what is new.

When it comes to Cool stuff for guys, we are not wrong to say that most people would like to use the 5 products we have mentioned previously. To begin with, the ring would be a very elegant ring that would be used by people to control everything around them with their fingertips. How wonderful is that? This falls into the category of wearable technology and its popularity has increased significantly these months. The Ring is meant to enable people to make gestures and control supported devices, it has an impressive design and a small button on the side. When you press this button the Ring will record a gesture and will process it so that it becomes a command. Ring is also designed with vibration capabilities and small LED’s, being able to capture all gestures.

From all the Gadgets and Gizmos available out there, Ring is definitely worth the attention, but let’s move on to The Dash. We are talking about wireless headphones that are designed to track your workout progress with the help of fitness sensors. This gadget is designed to change the way you exercise and it has supporters worldwide. Wires are unsuitable, especially when exercising, but this is no longer the case thanks to The Dash, which connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. These headphones are very small and comfortable, they are designed with 4 GB storage, they feature noise cancellation technology and users can control what song is playing by means of touch sensors on the headphones. This is definitely Cool stuff for guys and although this device is designed towards fitness, developers are looking for others alternatives as well.

Moving on, we cannot exclude Fuel 3D from the most popular Gadgets and Gizmos category. This project appeared on Kickstarter last year and it has continued to impress us ever since. Fuel 3 D was designed as a medical imaging device and it has revolutionized the medical industry. This project has received numerous funds from those in the medical field. Fuel 3D relies on fast processing and the display of interactive 3D models that are used to manage wounds. This device plays an essential role in the healthcare sector and it makes total sense to transform it into a general medical scanning device with a wider use.

Moving on to other Cool stuff for guys, we shouldn’t forget about the Structure Sensor that is designed to transform your iPad into a mobile 3D scanner. This device is also very popular and it continues to receive the necessary funds.

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Last Updated : Apr 17, 2014

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