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The Blood Rage - Vampire Movie with a Christian Theme Targets Harry Potter Fans

Posted Oct 18, 2014 by cathecao
Movie ‘The Blood Rage.’ A vampire movie slated to be unlike any ever made before. Evangelical Christians target Harry Potter/Vampire Fans with a new message.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 18, 2014 -- October 18, 2014: ‘The Blood Rage’ a new movie targeting the ‘Harry Potter’ & ‘New Moon’ generation is about to give audiences dose of enlightenment unlike anything that has ever been seen before in a horror movie . The movie maker Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips feels like a generation of young people, have been seduced into a comfort level of glamorized witchcraft & evil by the movies being turned out in Hollywood.

Through the movie Phillips plans to show the impressionable young audience that based on The Word of God, there is no such thing as a good witch, nor are there good demons or vampires. That all of these false mindsets are being created by Hollywood to seduce the young people into accepting the notion that witchcraft & demons are ok and should be tolerated. The show is inspired in part from the great love his Mother Jessie Jimerson-Phillips, (whom he lost to cancer), had for children. She authored children’s books and songs.

Speaking to media, Phillips said, “The show was created out of a desire to honor her memory and her legacy and the command of every Christian to become fishers of men, every good fisherman knows to catch fish you need bait. This movie is the bait, and the messages we give throughout this movie will convey ethical Christian values.”

According to the sources, the movies script is so impactful that they expect theaters & televisions will become a virtual outreach for the young people watching this movie. Which is why they claim boldly that: The Blood Rage is a vampire movie unlike anything you have ever seen before. Citing movies like The Blair Witch Project which was made for less than $75,000 in 1999 yet to date has grossed more than $248 Million Dollars Globally; and the success of Harry Potter, grossing over 1 Billion Dollars to show that young people are consuming these movies at an unparalleled rate.

Phillips is taking a grass roots approach to making the movie, by conducting crowd funding campaigns to acquire the funds necessary to complete the project. And commits that a substantial portion of the movies profits will be given back to Christian ministries around the Globe who are helping the people & spreading God’s Word as well as Networks helping to advance the spread of the Gospel such as: TBN, CBN, SonLife Broadcasting & God TV.

Phillips states: “I realize every Christian is not going to be able to understand what we are doing by making a Vampire movie as a ministry tool, but desperate times call for desperate measures. When you have a generation of young people who are not interested in going to Church to hear the Gospel message, you have to engage them where they are, and be that light in the darkness”.

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Contact Person: Lester Collier or Holly Davidson
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Website: http://www.BloodRageMovie.Com
Address: 6767 Sunset Blvd. #8-102, Hollywood, CA. US

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Last Updated : Oct 18, 2014

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