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The best automated gate systems from FADINI

Posted Oct 8, 2014 by sarahcoolen
Automated gates are a great invention that is getting more and more used every single day. This is due to the fact that they combine safety, reliability, comfort and ease of use.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 8, 2014 -- Automated gates are a great invention that is getting more and more used every single day. This is due to the fact that they combine safety, reliability, comfort and ease of use. While we see these gates being used intensely in commercial and industrial buildings the fact is that the many facilities and benefits that they bring make them an excellent choice for any home owner. However, even though there are many companies on the market that produce and sell these items, we should always stick to trustworthy brands like FADINI and BFT.
While two decades ago it seemed like only wealthy people could afford automatic gates, the fact is that nowadays the market is full of various companies that manufacture these products. It’s not just the number of companies that increased, but also the variety of models available for purchase. We might think that the most popular automatic gate is the one that’s remote controlled, but this is only due to the fact that they are the most accessible in terms of price. What is more important when it comes to automatic gates is not the way in which they’re activated, since it really is a matter of choice, but the way in which it functions. We can have gates that open if we press a button that’s placed on a wall next to it, as well as gates that can only be opened via SMS. What’s more important is the reliability of the mechanism that operates the door. We can find all these various types of doors by checking out the offers of brands like FADINI and BFT.
We can fairly say that automatic gates have become less expensive and more readily available. However, we should always consider the fact that the best choice of purchase is that of products that are manufactured by leading companies. Brands such as FADINI and BFT offer gates that are not only reliable, but that also come with many great features like loop presence detectors. This reliability is given by the design, but also by the materials used by the producer. A big part of the price for automated gates will be that of the motor, which is usually electric. When buying an automated gate, besides checking the quality of the materials used to create the gate we should also check the power of the engine that opens and closes the gate. These two aspects will determine the lifespan of these products as well as their reliability.
The most intense use of these automatic gates is in the industrial and commercial areas. This is, of course, no accident. Using automated gates and doors in these fields has led to increased productivity as well as improved logistics, allowing companies that use them to get increased profits. If we don’t have automated doors installed on our premises then we should certainly consider installing some. The leading producers that we should consider if we want to enjoy safe and reliable products are FADINI, BPT, CAME and BFT.
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