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The benefits of a surgical mesh

Posted Apr 22, 2015 by juanoliv3
A surgical mesh is a medical device used for hernia repair. This is why it is also known as hernia mesh. The device is made from synthetic materials, is very resistant,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 22, 2015 -- A surgical mesh is a medical device used for hernia repair. This is why it is also known as hernia mesh. The device is made from synthetic materials, is very resistant, and easy to use. It provides the patient with the capacity of moving freely and without pain.

Due to various factors, some organs in our body tend to exit the cavity that normally contains them. This is when hernia occurs. This medical condition has two possible treatment options: surgical and nonsurgical. The most recommended one is surgery.

Through surgery, the patient can rest assured that their problem would be eliminated and they can return to their previous life, without too much problems. In this case, the surgical procedure involves the insertion of a surgical mesh into the human body, where the hernia took place.

The mesh has the purpose of sustaining the tissue in the affected area, after the surgeon has repaired the hernia. There has to be mentioned that not all hernia repairs that involve surgical procedures use a hernia mesh. Surgeons can repair a hernia, even without the use of a mesh.

However, there are many surgeons that use meshes, because these reduce surgery time, thus the stress experienced by the patient, and also the recovery time. Moreover, surgical meshes lead to a lower rate of recurrence, patients who have a mesh like this being less prone to go through a new hernia repair surgery.

Surgical meshes can be absorbable or non-absorbable. Absorbable meshes degrade over time and non-absorbable or permanent meshes are there to stay. Both these types of meshes allow tissue ingrowth; the patient is able to move like they did prior to the surgery.

In general, there are no significant adverse reactions to this surgical procedure. However, infections or inflammations can occur, if the surgeon does not perform the surgery correctly or if he or she does not handle the mesh or the sutures in a proper way.

Other potential problems can be generated by a mesh that is not manufactured to the highest standards. Expired or recalled meshes can cause more than just an infection or inflammation, they can lead to bowel obstruction, mesh migration, and extreme pain.

To avoid these problems, surgeons should always work with meshes manufactured by the best in this industry like Ethicon, Coloplast, and Bard. And patients should ask their surgeon and discuss things like mesh manufacturers and brands, since their health depends on these things.

Patients that have gone through a hernia repair surgery and do not know what mesh has been used in their particular case can obtain this information from their surgeon or the hospital or clinic where the surgery took place.

Interested in a surgical mesh ( )that reduces surgery time, as well as the recovery time experienced by the patient? Choose a hernia mesh ( )manufactured by Ethicon, Coloplast, or Bard. We are an online store that offers all these brands to healthcare facilities and individuals looking for a safe and easy solution to hernia.
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