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The beauty of freestanding baths

Posted Nov 4, 2014 by sarahcoolen
There is an increased demand for freestanding baths, because it seems that more and more homeowners feel attracted to their design

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Nov 4, 2014 -- There is an increased demand for freestanding baths, because it seems that more and more homeowners feel attracted to their design. As a matter of fact, many have chosen to replace their built-in bathtubs with a freestanding bath and it is no wonder why. However, before taking the decision, there are a few aspects to consider and it is important to go through some steps to be sure that the bathtub you choose in the end is the one right for you. When taking a long bath, people need to feel relaxed and comfortable, meaning it is essential to choose the right tub. Afterwards, finding a place to buy it from is not a problem, especially since there are many online shops that offer the best and most diversified products, which makes the buying process a lot easier and more convenient.
To begin with, it is important to understand the benefits that freestanding baths provide and in what manner you can take advantage of them. Design is without question one of the most important aspects and a freestanding bath does not disappoint. A lot of homeowners choose such a bathtub due to the appealing design and because it is easy to integrate it within a bathroom. They remind us of more sophisticated and elegant times, giving the impression of being at a spa centre, pampered at all times. Regarding materials, there are a lot to choose from, as bathtubs these days are manufactured from copper, cast iron, acrylic and more, according to preferences.
Unlike built-in bathtubs, freestanding baths can be placed wherever desired in the bathroom, even in the centre of it. This also leads to another important feature, the cleaning process. Homeowners will have easier times cleaning around, because they can easily go around the bathtub. Since many people spend a lot of time in bathrooms and they want the ambiance to be relaxing, a freestanding bath gives the impression of more space within the bathroom. If the bathtub has legs, there is no need to make modifications to the floor. Whenever you want to renovate the bathroom, it will be a lot easier, as you simply remove tiles and put in new ones and the walls will be easier to paint as well.
Once you have decided upon a freestanding bath, you need to choose the right style that contemplates the entire bathroom and the appropriate size as well. You can start with taking measurements and what installations are available, as a bathtub can be chosen according to these specifications in mind. There is no point in falling in love with a specific bathtub and then realizing it doesn’t fit in your bathroom. Before shopping for freestanding baths, an installation plan is necessary, to see exactly how the plumbing can be hidden. With the help of a specialist this shouldn’t be such an issue. There are many designs available as well, from oval bathtubs with smooth edges, to sharper ones in rectangular shape. It all depends on the style you are looking for and how modern or traditional you want the overall bathroom to be.
Are you considering getting a freestanding bath instead of a built-in one? Right here you can find the largest collection of freestanding baths to choose from.
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Last Updated : Nov 4, 2014

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