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Teddy Lingerie The other day marks the big center rushed to basket,

Posted Dec 3, 2014 by nfvbjbed
not use psionic powers, but own physical quality and it is the ordinary people can be compared?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 3, 2014 -- shouting, "you can't." Approach one step further, high jump, to aerial day mark to face to, even if the Teddy Lingerie foul, he also don't want to let the wind that day marks scored far. To make these basketball students lifelong unforgettable scene appeared. Day marks at the corners of the mouth with a confident smile, the body directly with the big center hit together, this time, his body had just entered the paint range. The center, surprised to find that day mark hit on his body, no impact force too much, he was like a fish like tail against his body in the air with a fast rotation, directly bypass the defensive. Moreover, before the momentum actually does not reduce, the original single ball grasping day mark at this time has become the hands raised high on the back of the head, loud sound, heavy ball notStrange people outside, already can't figure out what to describe. Previously called the day marks teddy lingerie and the wind far with students go to two people before the body, wry smile way: "I see, we're four hit four, you brilliant, keep playing like this, our confidence will be destroyed." Happy to fill a ball after day mark, also some regret, he knew to play not bottom go to, oneself with the wind far althoughteddy lingerie Apologetic: "feel shy, long time no play, just a little too excited." Bid farewell to several basketball students, day mark pulled some unwilling wind far out of the ground. The blue figure rushed up, fragrant light, day marks only feel cheek contact to the two pieces of jade, "great, just you day marks the ball too good." It is blue in excitement, couldn't help jumping up Dear day mark at. The wind is dissatisfied way: "blue, I just that the teddy lingerie ball is not beautiful? Why don't you also dear me." Said, quickly leaned into the blue front. The blue pat on his face, laughed: "you ah, forget it. I'm biased day mark, no?" Day mark feel the face of residual incense marks, the hearts can not help but feeling strange, blue such beauty, is the infinite temptation, say not tempted, only deceive themselves. "Day mark, have never thought you play basketball so well." A soft voice, the sound day mark too familiar, subconsciously looked, I saw a long white dress standing not far from Lena Qiao livings at his side, is smiling at his. Tiny in the heart teddy lingerie a tight, way: "Lena, hello. How can you be in school, don't you already should be graduated?" Lena indifferent smile, said: "I was graduated early, however, for my cousin for a quota of people, let me stay in the school as a teaching assistant. Disappear in a few years, you have changed a lot." In her eyes, is no longer before the day marks the shy young man, especially the momentum that indomitable just dunk, and temperament Teddy Lingerie of the body, completely changed a person like her. The wind far don't know who Lena is, but know the blue, it is thanks to Lena, day marks will painful to dream in the city to get drunk, the thought of Lena had hurt pass mark, teddy lingerie the blue hearts can not help but felt an inexplicable anger, up to day mark beside the path: "day mark, aren't you going to introduce us what?" Lena just to see the blue, blue beauty she from feel small feeling, forced a smile and said: "Hello, I'm nina.
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