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Teddy Lingerie In before the start of day mark whispered told the wind far,

Posted Dec 4, 2014 by nfvbjbed
when basketball rose to the highest point, a big hand accurately the racket teddy lingerie down, the previous yellow figure appears again, picked the ball to the hands

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 4, 2014 -- their ability to use must not, since want to play, with own body to play. The ball, the other center Teddy Lingerie occupied the superiority, will shift the ball out, a transfer, has reached the defender hands, at this moment, a yellow figure lightning and pass, the ball control guard didn't understand what was happening, the Yellow figure has been with the ball to their half of the field. Great sound, that figure soared into the sky, forming a crescent in the air the entire body, single hand held high, because the body back arched and left behind, when his head has been and basket height, powerful momentum broke. With a loud noise, the basketball heavy buckle into the basket in the. The opposing point guard rubbed her eyes, "I'm not wrong, Tomahawk dunk, a good momentum!" The Yellow figure is the wind away, will the ball into the basket, with standing, hands held high, isWhat, stealing is my masterpiece! teddy lingerie A ball is what." Orange basketball into the hands of the opposing centre forward, center back turned, the days of one side of the center mark out of the way, a jump, the basketball to hook out, from the arc, his shooting is very accurate. Is everyone thought that would be in, a silver figure soared into the sky,, laughed: "boss, cover good." When sealed shots is day mark. These students are obviously play often, though surprised to bounce force day mark strong, but also can immediately reclaim to his own half, see from their eyes firm can, must defend the ball. The wind far strolled the ball across half, with a flick of the wrist, basketball will be thrown to the day mark, "eldest teddy lingerie brother, you come to a bar, have a look how your technology." Day marks a slight smile, said: "good, that I try." Pat basketball before feel as if still there full of elasticity orange ball in his hands seemed to be endowed with life in general, quickly bouncing, along with the day marks action gradually accelerated unexpectedly like an orange light general. Day marks the move, slapping hands basketball, fast to the three line of each other to kill. Due to the previous wind far performance, each other did not dare to look down on day mark, suddenly have two double up, with open arms, sealed his teddy lingerie forward line. Day mark speed is fast, but still very calm, hand basketball slight quiver, ball shadow flash, unexpectedly disappear from his hands. Hands up, day mark sketch each other their own and without the ball, in defense of his two tiny tiny one Leng, immediately with a gap, day mark body directly from the middle two people squeezed through, the next moment, he has already jumped up. He didn't go to see his takeoff Teddy Lingerie position, but others have noted that he started to jump, and stepped on three base line. Watching the blue excited shout, just days mark breakthrough when the two men, in fact, the ball is still in him, but he was sandwiched between teddy lingerie the knee in, when he moved, first with the ball on the other person a flick, after landing to copy into their own hands, fast action, but did not foul. Fly like a bird like figure, day marks action with previous wind far are very much alike, but the takeoff position is far more.
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Last Updated : Dec 4, 2014

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