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Swtor2credits cheap swtor credits by paypal need no Confirmation

Posted Jan 6, 2015 by specialjuly
Buy swtor credits at swtor2credits No Confirmation Needed! If you buy swtor credits now, 10% free bonus for you with 8% discount code - SW2NOKF. While the Disciplines System is the major cornerstone of the changes coming to Classes and Combat.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jan 6, 2015 -- Buy swtor credits at swtor2credits No Confirmation Needed! If you buy swtor credits now, 10% free bonus for you with 8% discount code - SW2NOKF. While the Disciplines System is the major cornerstone of the changes coming to Classes and Combat (for more on the Discipline system, see our Dev Blog), we have also made adjustments outside of Disciplines that change combat on a global scale:
All classes now do less damage overall at Level 55 and gain that damage back as they get closer to 60.
Enemies Level 50 and below are now less difficult to defeat.
Operation-wide abilities have been given to every Advanced Class.
Player Damage over Time abilities (DoTs) can no longer be cleansed by another Player. They can, however, still be Purged by abilities such as Resilience/Force Shroud. DoTs inflicted by Enemy NPCs can still be Cleansed and Purged.
Most player-applied Crowd Control (CC) abilities can now be cleansed by another Player.
The cooldowns of abilities that Cleanse has been increased.
Abilities that Interrupt now have longer Cooldowns.
Channeled abilities are no longer affected by pushback, but can still be stopped by Interrupts or Stuns.
Channeled abilities now consume resources every time the Ability deals – or would deal – damage or healing, and does not have an upfront resource cost.
All Accuracy-increasing abilities have been removed.
Accuracy Rating grants more Accuracy per point.
Tank classes in the appropriate Tank stance get 10% Accuracy at the cost of a decrease in damage dealt.
Alacrity has been reworked, and now speeds up Ability Activation, Global cooldown, Resource Regeneration, DoTs (the speed that damage is dealt as well as the duration), and reduces Internal Cooldowns on certain passive abilities.
Many new Interface options, including Effect Procs, moveable Player Buffs/Debuffs, and Effect Highlighting. See the GUI Section for more details.
Most player-activated abilities now have a 270 degree Line of Sight.

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All AoE healing abilities now prioritize the target with the lowest health percentage first.
Combat Change Philosophy
Leading up to 3.0, we knew we wanted to make changes to how we handled customization and choice, as we felt like the tree-based Skill System lead to many problems, including the loss of class identity, uneven power gains, and overly complex rotations. While we wanted to maintain the feeling of progression and gain that this system provided during the leveling process, we wanted to move past the tree-based system. This lead to the introduction of Disciplines, which you can read all about here. Given this chance to reimagine how combat and classes work in The Old Republic, there were also some changes we wanted to make on a more global scale in order to address some concerns and feedback.
Damage + Health
Towards the end of the 2.0 patch cycle, classes began to exceed the baseline damage values that we intended. In order to get back to where we wanted the damage output to be, we are lowering the damage output across the board. Players at level 55 will find that their damage has dropped, while players at level 60 end up having about the same amount of damage output that they did pre-3.0 at 55.
In a similar fashion, we weren’t happy with how long it took to level from 1 to 55 in the pre-3.0 game. In order to speed up the low-level game, all enemies from level 50 and lower are no longer as tough, and now die faster.
Operation-Wide Abilities
With the release of Game Update 3.0, Operation-wide abilities have been given to every Advanced Class. This change was made in order to address the idea that you had to have a Sentinel/Marauder in your Operations group in order to be at the best that you could be. These new abilities stack with each other, but not with themselves, and include defensive and offensive abilities. These abilities also ensure that any Operation group composition is well equipped to tackle what’s ahead of them, even if they don’t have a specific class available.
DoTs, Interrupts, and Channels
In order to make Damage-over-Time Disciplines more viable in Warzones and Warzone Arenas, player DoTs can no longer be cleansed. They can, however, be purged by self-targeted abilities such as Force Shroud/Resilience. DoTs inflicted by Enemy NPCs can still be both cleansed and purged. In order to make cleansing abilities more viable after losing a major component of its functionality, cleanses can now be used to remove Crowd Control (CC) abilities, such as stuns and roots.
Interrupts now have a longer cooldown, as we want players making informed, tactical choices when choosing what to interrupt instead of indiscriminately interrupting everything possible.
Channeled abilities now cost resources at the intervals when damage or healing would be dealt, instead of costing the full amount at activation. This is mostly a quality of life change, as players would spend a large chunk of resources and get interrupted, pushed backed, stunned, etc. and lose those resources. Additionally, channeled abilities can no longer be pushed back. They can, however, still be interrupted with interrupting abilities and stuns.
Stat Changes
Accuracy skills have been removed from the game, and Accuracy is now a gearing consideration only. Additionally, Accuracy Rating now gives more Accuracy per point. Tank Classes now gain 10% Accuracy for being in the appropriate “Tank Stance,” but lose some damage. This change was made in response to their being no counter-play to Taunts in PvP – it was simply a damage reduction with no recourse for those afflicted by it.
Alacrity now speeds up ability activation, speeds up global cooldowns, resource regeneration, Duration of DoTs (DoTs deal the same amount of damage, but faster), and reduces internal cooldowns. This change was to make Alacrity more useful as it now always makes you faster, and eliminates situations where Alacrity could actually be disruptive to your rotation or resources.
Augments now interact with the Bolster system. Like other slots, Players with low level (or no) Augments will be given some stat compensation to bring them up to a more competitive level. Higher rating Augments still have an advantage over these Augment slots.
Due to Augments now being handled inside the Bolster system, the power gap between the Bolstered level of stats and the high end PvP gear (disregarding any Augments attached) has been increased slightly. The “worst case” to “best case” power gap remains the same.

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