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SUV, Luxury Cars: Explore Montreal in style

Posted May 28, 2014 by johnharisson
SUV and luxury cars are immensely popular when it comes to renting. The two brands of cars have a number of models under them each with their own exclusive features and benefits.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) May 28, 2014 -- SUV and luxury cars are immensely popular when it comes to renting. The two brands of cars have a number of models under them each with their own exclusive features and benefits. At a time when every individual is dependent on car for commuting from one place to another, the rental car services have effectively lessened our day-to-day worries. At just a call away you can rent a car anytime and from anywhere near you. The car rental services are available in every airport so when the need to fly to a different city or state arises, you do not have to worry about how to get a car to move about. Booking can be easily done online and once you land at the airport, you will find your car waiting for you.

Now that you are undecided about which car to opt for, let us take a look at the characteristic features of SUV and luxury cars, they being the most popular. The sport utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle, abbreviated as SUV has a lot of similarity to a station wagon or an estate car. It is four-wheel drive, large in structure, and is designed for use on city roads and highways. There are some sport utility vehicle that comes integrated with a space for cargo and a capacity to tow things along.

SUVs are mostly incorporated with a cargo and passenger compartment and are popular for its high ground clearance, high H-point and boxy frame. It is a car that has all terrain handling capacity and thus, suitable for use in remote areas where there is absence of proper paved roads. SUV are categorized into, Mini, Compact, Mid-size, Full-size and Extended-length. Today there has evolved a number of SUVs in the form of luxury vehicles. The term luxury SUVs is used to identify a type of vehicle that is designed to have higher performance, an elite brand image, immense comfort and up-to-date technology.

Luxury cars as the term implies, denotes a kind of vehicle that renders the passenger utmost comfort and lavishness. These cars are equipped with high quality equipment, have better performance ability, have supreme level of comfort, built with contemporary design, and a structure that is more precise in nature. A luxury car ensue an aura of status, image and prestige. The term is applicable today to any type of vehicle like coupe, station wagon, sedan, hatchback, sport utility vehicles, crossovers, minivans and the like.

The luxury cars are further divided into premium compact segment, entry-level luxury/compact executive cars, mid-luxury/executive cars, high-end luxury/full-size luxury cars, ultra-luxury cars, crossover etc.

SUV and luxury cars come with their own distinctive features. Both have their own uses. If you are out on an extensive road trips that might even take you off the paved roads, it is always advisable to go for SUVs. On the other hand, if you are going on a business trip, where you need to flaunt your image and status to your colleagues, a luxury car will be an ideal choice.
The SUV is considered ideal for all types of travels. The luxury cars ensure that passengers travel in style and in lavishness.
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Last Updated : May 28, 2014

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