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Sustainable Landscaping Sydney

Posted Aug 16, 2013 by kwikfyndlandscape
Sustainable landscaping in Sydney is also promoted by Australian universities.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Aug 16, 2013 -- Slowly but steadily people have come to accept that each has a duty to the planet we live on and that we cannot continue to pollute and harm the planet with impunity. Folks have now come to accept that their collective actions can either harm or heal this planet and when it comes to landscaping, sustainable landscaping is the only way forward.

The local authorities in Sydney too have done their bit in encouraging use of ecologically sustainable design, construction and practices. Every effort is made to reduce water and energy consumption and to recycle where possible. Sustainable landscaping in Sydney has not only led to reduced landscape maintenance costs, it has also minimized damages to fragile Sydney environment.

Sustainable landscaping includes use of locally quarried ground material, forest produce as well as the use of the lay of the land in the designing of the landscape i.e. rather than flattening the land and then adding artificial irrigation, sustainable landscape designers are today making use of existing land topography to irrigate and drain off excess water. Similarly, instead of relying on commercially produced chemical fertilizer, mulching is used to rejuvenate the soil naturally. It is cheaper and healthier.

These days Sydney based Sydney landscape designer undertaking sustainable landscaping have also been actively promoting Australia native fruit and nut trees as well a vegetable garden. The owners of the garden not only get chemical free fruits, nuts and vegetables, these fruit and nut trees also provide ample shade and promote local bird populations and ecosystems.

Sustainable landscaping in Sydney is also promoted by Australian universities. Landscape architects, designers have been trained in the concept of sustainable landscaping and how it benefits the local community. In fact, the Royal Australian Institute sets out the core principles of sustainable design which are:

1. Restore and maintain biodiversity
2. Recycle resources minimizing the consumption of new resources
3. Avoid any pollution
4. Maximize effectiveness through natural means and,
5. Increase community awareness of environmental issues

The continued efforts of the Australian Universities have paid off handsomely as can be seen by the large number of Sydney based sustainable landscaping design specialists. Some of the strategies that Sydney based sustainable landscaping design specialists adopt include:

• Planning tree locations so as to increase energy efficiency in the house.
• Recycling of water usage by relying on efficient irrigation systems and technology
• Careful plant selection so that indigenous species do not get wiped out by imported variety.
• Protect local biodiversity and restore natural bush land where possible.
• Use local material to reduce long-distance transport and carbon emission. Also, prefer natural to artificial.
• Avoid chemicals to whatever extent possible.
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Last Updated : Aug 16, 2013

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